Jang Nara Donates 8 Bil Won of Clothing to Quake-hit Sichuan

January 22, 2009 at 12:42 pm | Posted in Stars | 1 Comment

Singer Jang Nara (28), nicknamed “angel donator,” has donated 8 billion won worth of clothing to Sichuan province, China, which suffered a devastating earthquake in May.

Jang’s aides say the donation was conducted in cooperation with the parent firm of a Chinese down jumper manufacturer for which Jang is the PR model. The company donated 100,000 jumpers to Jang’s foundation, which delivered them to a charity agency in Sichuan.

The wholesale price of the 100,000 jumpers is 18 million yuan (3.6 billion won) but the retail price totals 40 million yuan (8 billion won).

In the delivery ceremony, Jang said she was happy to visit Sichuan and provide the quake victims with the clothing.

The charity agency will distribute the jumpers to the victims for emergency winter protection.

After the donation, Jang went to a makeshift elderly center at a Chengdu suburb and delivered some clothes herself.

Source: KBS Global
Picture Credit: IB Times
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com


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  1. she earned herself yet another nick name in China, other than Little Empress and Angel of Asia that is angel donator , and well deserved.

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