Lee Min-ho: “Past trials led me to drama role”

January 15, 2009 at 8:45 pm | Posted in Stars | 24 Comments
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The latest heartthrob for Korean women is the young actor Lee Min-ho, the hero of the new hit KBS 2TV drama (airing Mon-Tues) “Boys over Flowers.” His casting as the hero of this drama series, extremely popular across Asia, created a buzz from the start. Any handsome actor would covet the role of one of the members of the “F4,” a group of rich and popular boys at a school where the story takes place.

The Korean cast for F4 was finally revealed and the casting of a complete novice actor, Lee (22), for the role of F4 leader “Gu Jun-pyo” was almost shocking.

The series has kicked off and Lee has literally become a star overnight, silencing doubts of how he would handle the heavyweight role. His name tops various Internet search-word lists and 100,000 fans visit his Internet homepage each day.

The “F4 craze” has hit Korea since the drama series was also made in Taiwan and Japan, and Lee is at the center of it all. But he had his share of trials thus far. He debuted in the 2006 EBS drama “The Secret Campus” but had to take a year off after a car accident. After his rehabilitation, he landed his first lead role in the SBS high teen drama “Mackerel Run!” but the series ran short.

Lee said, “If I didn’t have the accident and continued acting I might not have been able to meet ‘Jun-pyo.’ I shiver at this thought. What I suffered led me to this breakthrough role. I worried about the role because I’m unknown to the public, but of course I was thrilled to be cast.”

But the title role of the super popular Asian drama series is actually a heavy burden to shoulder.

Jun-pyo is the heir to Korea’s number one conglomerate group and a typical spoiled and arrogant character. He is hot-tempered and rough, but also has childlike innocence. A polar opposite of his friend Ji-hu (played by Kim Hyeon-jung), Jun-pyo has his heart firmly set on Geum Jan-di (Gu Hye-seon), the daughter of a working class family who runs a dry cleaning store.

Women viewers empathize with the rich F4 boys doting on Jan-di. They also get to love Jun-pyo as more of his sides are shown and say he is attractive in many ways. Women want to take care of him and be embraced by him at the same time.

He is a high school student in the drama, but Lee is actually on leave from Konkuk Univ. where he majors in cinema/art. What is Lee really like? He said, “I think I’m somewhere between Jun-pyo and Jan-di. I have both sides of them. This cute handsome guy role is unfamiliar though. I can totally carry a pathetic role as well (laugh). But for now, I hope to be Jun-pyo and him alone.”

Source: KBS Global
Picture Source: Newsen
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com



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  1. I think deserves it ❤
    I like his acting skills, he’s a perfect Joon Pyo!
    BoF is my new addiction kekek xD

    thnx for sharing!!

  2. i am waiting for monday/tuesday BOF
    his natural acting and the way he looks at Jandi face…ohhhh

  3. Me too cant wait for Every Monday and Tuesday. 🙂 Lee Min Ho keep up with your good work

  4. Monday and tuesday aren’t coming fast enough. I love you Lee Min-Ho, u are the best of the best and the best. You are so cute.

  5. me too waiting for tue and wed (not mon and tue) cos i;m not a korean… am now deeply addicted to BOF and Lee Min-ho… ha ha ha… 🙂 Lee Min-ho’s acting is really good so i think he deserve the award… his smile melts my heart… when i see him smiling i’ll eventually smile myself… oh god am i crazy… haha… ya ya… i’m crazy over Lee Min-ho and also BOF… sad to say that BOF is reaching the end soon… real soon (next week) hope to see more good dramas from Lee Min-ho… Keep the good work up Min-ho… always supporting you… 🙂

  6. ang gwapo mo talaga……………
    u look so nice

  7. Considering that he’s just an amateur when it comes to acting, I must say lee min ho has paved a long way with it. He is really good! Break a leg..He’s sooooooooooo good looking and soooooooooo hot as well!! n_n

  8. i wish he is my son even if i am a mother i really admire his charisma i hope there will be more drama series about him and the other cast they are all so handsome and i love them. i am from the Philippines and this guys are really driving us crazy here

  9. Omg! I really love lee min-ho! Gosh he was so handsome in any way,.. I hope to c more frm him, i really do,.. Aja!

  10. ♥♥♥♥♥i love you so much lee min ho….just always take care…..mwwaaaahhhhhhhh……….!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥

  11. the best version!!! go!go!go! aja!joon pyo!

  12. Hi Min Ho!
    I like your Boys over Flowers.I like you so much.Take care of your health.I like you..I like you…I like you….very much

  13. hi………………….?uare so very cuti………………………………..? i love uuuuu……………..

  14. hi
    i like u style

  15. i like u’r action.
    u’r action is perfect.
    i hope u will always happy.

  16. i like ur action…
    i also like other 3..

  17. hi!!!!!
    Lee Min Ho…………
    i like u so much also F4………yr smile makes me cold n excited….
    try yr best n i always encourage u
    aja aja fighting

  18. i love you lee min ho!!!!ur sooooooo cute!!!!

  19. hai jo jompyo

  20. hello… hi Lee Min Ho.. how are you?
    im not a korean, im dissapointed because
    cant to meet you in malaysia.
    it’s ok keep the good work 🙂

  21. hi there… our dearest lee min ho is acting in a new drama… do give your full support… hope that this new drama will be as best as BOF…

  22. hi there! our dearest Lee Min Ho is starring in a new drama recently… do give all your support to this new drama… hope that this drama will b as good as BOF… 🙂

  23. i ove u leemin ho

  24. lub ew min ho oppa olwaes sty wt ew r …..n tke cre….ba bye oppa …..

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