KBS History Drama “Empress Cheon Chu” Targets Both Genders

January 13, 2009 at 8:30 pm | Posted in Television | Leave a comment

The new KBS 2TV period drama series “Empress Cheon Chu” starring Chae Si-ra is off to a smooth start.

Ratings pollster TNS Media Korea said the drama, centered around a Goryeo-era female warrior, posted 20% in viewer ratings in its first show on Jan. 3 and rose to 24.3% for the second installment.

Cheon Chu is the first of a number of historical series starring heroines planned by Korean broadcasters.

Cheon Chu’s action saga combined with the main character’s story as a lover and mother is expected to appeal to both male and female viewers.

Another ratings agency, AGB Nielsen Media Research, said the drama’s first two shows were most watched by men and women in their 40s, with each group representing a 12.3% rating.

The demographic of middle-aged men is believed to have been impressed by an animal action scene featuring bears, shown in the first series, which is a first in Korean drama-making history.

The cast including Chae trained in martial arts and horseback riding for months at action schools.

Particularly noteworthy is the reaction of female viewers to a heroine series. War stories have been mostly enjoyed by men, but as this drama centers around an empress this time, this trend may change.

The love story with Kim Chi-yang (played by Kim Seok-hun) and Gangjo (Choi Jae-seong) may also stir women’s hearts.

Producer Sin Chang-seok said, “The material is new to the audience but it’s off to a good start. Men love the war scenes and women will cry over the heartrending love story as the main story line unravels.”

Source: KBS Global
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com


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