Teens Boost “Boys over Flowers” Ratings

January 7, 2009 at 3:04 pm | Posted in Television | 8 Comments

The new KBS 2TV drama series airing on Monday and Tuesday entitled “Boys over Flowers” (screenplay Yoon Ji-ryeon, producer Jeon Gi-sang) is off to a good start, stealing the hearts of teenage girls.

Ratings pollster TNS Media Korea says the drama’s first installment that aired Monday scored 14.3% in viewer ratings while AGB Nielsen Media Research estimated the figure at 13.7%.

The previous drama aired at this hour, “The World They Live In” starring top stars Hyeon Bin and Song Hye-gyo, posted 7.7% in its first show and an overall dismal average of 6.1%.

By gender and age group, teenage girls were the most avid viewers of “Boys over Flowers” with 19% ratings, believed to be attributable to the cast of handsome young male actors including Kim Hyeon-jung, the heartthrob of the boy band SS501. The comic-based storyline is also engaging.

After the first show, some pointed out the awkward acting of a few of the actors and some exaggeration in the story, but most viewers said the drama was better than what they expected. Some 4000 postings were up on the drama’s Web site by Tuesday morning, many comparing the Korean version to the original comic.

The drama “East of Eden,” airing in the same time slot on MBC, posted 27.3% ratings and the SBS wine drama “Terroir” which once surpassed 10% ratings slid to 7.6%.

Another drama on KBS 1TV, “Youth Admiration” based on the same-titled literary novel, recorded viewer ratings of 10.8%.

Source: KBS Global
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com



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  1. that font on the poster looks japanese…
    at first i couldn’t read it but then if you really look you can make out the korean characters…
    i hope the acting gets better and it receives higher ratings…
    i’m gonna wait until the whole drama is done and watch it through…
    but if it’s bad idk if i will….
    i hope it won’t be bad!

  2. o_o… i prefer the japanese version [Hana Yori Dango!!]… Hanazawa Rui, played by Oguri Shun, is freaking HOT and cuuute!!! …and the F4 in the japanese one look better… plus the girl, Makino Tsukushi, played by Inoue Mao, is cuter… she played her role really well!… the landscape in the korean version is nice… but this drama looks too serious… the japanese one was really cute and fun!! (i guess that you can see that i loved it! =P)

  3. I’m so excited to watch this drama. 😀

  4. i love hana yori dango and the chemistry between matsumoto jun and inoue mao,domyouji and makino..

  5. thank you^__^

  6. first episode was a little awkward, but by the second episode, i was hooked!! lot of chemistry between minho, hyesun, and hyung joon. music is great. taiwanese version and japanese version were good too, but i’m really loving this one! it has a charm all its own!

  7. -HI-fav. ko to this is the best

  8. ’tis drama serye is so beautiful…

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