Super Junior Asia Encore Tour Gathers 13,000 Spectators!

January 7, 2009 at 3:02 pm | Posted in Events, Music | 2 Comments

The boy band Super Junior’s First Asia Tour – Super Show Encore, held at the Olympic Park fencing stadium Sunday, focused on using the entire hall as a performing stage to minimize the physical distance to the audience.

The 13 members appeared from below the stage, soared high overhead with the help of a crane and moved on mobile stages to reach the standing seats. They were literally all over the performance hall, looking eye-to-eye even with the third floor audience members. Their movement was carefully planned with the help of special stage equipment installed in all corners of the venue.

The show started with the hits “Twins” and “Don’t Don!” known for their synchronized group dances. The participation of all members was the highlight of the day’s show.

Super Junior members spun off last year in various smaller groups such as SJ-K.R.Y, SJ-M, SJ-T and SJ-Happy, resulting in far more diverse and colorful performances.

Super Junior-K.R.Y showcased a moving ballad to the accompaniment of Siwon and Seongmin’s guitar playing, while SJ-T performed its hit song “Rukkuguh” and other trot songs sung by past singers.

The group members shed tears when the audience sang the track “Marry U” from their second album. Then they immediately turned upbeat, changing into the costumes of a vampire, clown and the famous late Chinese martial artist Bruce Lee.

Super Junior will continue its Asia tour in Nanjing, China on Jan. 17 and release their 3rd regular album in March. The two-day performance on Saturday and Sunday attracted 13,000 audiences.

Source: KBS Global
Picture Source: Edaily



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  1. woww cant wait for their 3rd album, i miss them

  2. WAAAHHH!!! i’m so excited for their 3rd album!suju FIGHTING!!!

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