Wonder Girls Picked as Koreans’ Favorite Music Group

December 30, 2008 at 5:09 pm | Posted in Music | 10 Comments

The girl-band Wonder Girls has been picked as Koreans’ favorite music group for the second straight year.

According to the Korea Gallup, the Wonder Girls received 22.2 percent of the votes in a public poll that was conducted three times from June to November on 4,330 people ages 13 to 59 nationwide. The Wonder Girls have produced two big hits this year — “So Hot” and “Nobody.”

They were trailed by Big Bang (21.2 percent), Chang Yun-jung (9.9 percent), Girls’ Generation (7.8 percent), Lee Hyo-ri (6.5 percent) and Tae Jin-ah (6.5 percent).

The song “Nobody” was picked as the most popular song of the year. It has obtained 35 percent of votes among teenagers and people in their 20s, with its overall approval ratings reaching 11.4 percent. It was followed by Big Bang’s “Day By Day” (9.3 percent), the Wonder Girls’ “So Hot” (5.5 percent), Lee Hyo-ri’s “U-Go-Girl” (3.6 percent) and SG Wannabe’s “La La La” (3.1 percent).

Source: KBS Global
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com



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  1. was dbsk even in the running? o_O

  2. how the heck was DBSK not even listed?

  3. Errr – I sound like an echo but –

    What about DBSK?

  4. I feel like DBSK was abdicated in this so called “list”

  5. yeah… DBSK are Gods, how can they not be on the list?!… is it because they stayed too long in Japan…? but that’s not a reason…!


  6. omg what about DBSG!?
    if they were in the list, they would have definetly won… ❤

  7. oh I love WGs soooooooooooooo much:x:x:x

  8. WG’s in America!!!

    Here’s them in LA.

    Theyre doing personal blog posts at mtviggy.com during their tour in america 🙂

  9. no dbsk?


  10. They are really best.I like U sooooooooooooooooo much.Go on with the same enthusiasm.

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