Lee Jae Won, Netizens Debate ‘Sexual Assault’ vs ‘False Accusation’

December 21, 2008 at 7:48 am | Posted in Stars | 3 Comments
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On December 19th, after having a warrant issued for his arrest at 8PM, Lee Jae Won is taken and detained at the Seongdong Police Station. However in a dramatic turnaround, Lee Jae Won and the victim come to a mutual agreement and he is released 3 hours later.

“The warrant for his arrest was executed this evening after a formal request was submitted to the court, the judge in charge wanted an agreement after the woman’s real motive was confirmed followed by Lee Jae Won’s release at 11:15PM,” revealed the Seongdong Police Station. The sexual assault complaint as well as the investigation were terminated.

Lee Jae Won was “originally acquainted with the woman. A misunderstanding occurred between the two of them,” revealed his side. Also, related to the sexual assault suspicion, “both have agreed that the sexual relations they shared was under no circumstances forced sexual assault.”

Although the investigation has been terminated, this time Lee Jae Won’s fans and netizens are fiercely attacking and defending the issue.

“They came to an agreement on the sexual assault but originally there was no sexual assault and an innocent person was caught in the middle,” said a netizen. The reaction of Lee Jae Won’s fans is even stronger. This has caused severe and irreversible damage to Lee Jae Won’s reputation as a singer.

After the news became known, Lee Jae Won and H.O.T fans fell into shock. Tens of thousands netizens flooded Lee Jae Won’s minihompy and the battle between fans supporting him against those on the attack began.

Source: Break News
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com
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  2. The same thing happened to Kobe Bryant…
    why are netizens to persistent!
    they should just let it go…
    I don’t think its that big of a deal..
    The only thing I kinda find wrong is that he had sex before marriage…

  3. […] seoulfull credit: Break […]

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