Big Bang Wins #1 on “Inkigayo” 3 Weeks in a Row

December 14, 2008 at 11:31 am | Posted in Music | 21 Comments

Watch their performance and win below on December 14th’s SBS “Inkigayo!”



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  1. hmm… their popularity might be on the rise, but i think their showmanship’s actually declining…

    i mean, their dance moves are getting worse and worse and the quality of their lead title songs are getting more bubble gum pop…

    they’re like the opposite of dbsk ~ they keep on getting better and doing harder dance moves and get even better at singing, but big bang seems to be going the easy way out w/ their popularity

  2. They’re really popular these days, but to tell the truth, I really don’t like them. At all. I’m happy they’re getting really famous, but I agree with rick. DBSK is trying harder and harder, yet Big Bang seems to be going the opposite way.

  3. even though im a hardcore dbsk fan, im happy for big bang ❤

  4. Good for them! I don’t think their newer songs are more bubblegum pop, but they do use the electro sound a bit much.
    They work just as hard as DBSK, which is why they’re gaining more recognition…

  5. this performance was so funny!
    especially dae-sung~
    congrats to them!!

  6. Yeah, the few cool dance moves they used to show on a live stage seem to have completely disappeared… I think girl fans probably won’t care, since they’ll like their handsome oppas doing whatever (just doing simple body movements and singing)….

    But from a non-biased person’s point of view, their performances have gotten less impressive than their past ones… And I agree w/ the person up there, their new album was a big disappointment for me, because it was non-stop electronica… @_@ (Although I’m sure some people liked it for that).

  7. has been really long since i’ve seen sb comm like rick and kazuro & Izumi (i think i know u :D, OSC, right?). i do agree with Rin, not because i’m their fan but yes, i think artists work hard equally and they all deserved viewers’recognition~

  8. seems rick, kazuro n izumi are cassies (maybe, who cares!)
    please “don’t judge a book by its cover”
    dont judge people so badly coz u don’t like them or whatever it is. BigBang deserved for what they’ve got, anyway it wasn’t BB matters if u don’t like them but yours.
    well done boiz, BB is Great ❤

  9. I really like Big Bang, and I like DBSK even more. In my opinion, both of their new albums are great, but if you’re going to talk about electronica–at least Big Bang is known for stuff like that. DBSK’s new album is actually LISTED as electronica…and I thought there was way too much of it on the album. In my opinion, again, DBSK are the more talented artists–they’re more versatile–but Big Bang had a better album. I’m happy for Big Bang for winning, even though it hurts to see my boys go down–I think they just had the wrong number this time >__________<

  10. why is there a discussion between tohoshinki and big bang on a big bang thread?

    big bang did a good job, they deserve what they got

    but since the talk came up anyway, i actually disagree w/ emily, when it says “electronica” on itunes (assuming that’s where you saw the genre listing), it’s incorrect; the official label given by SM Entertainment for the genre was “Pop / Mixed” (they actually list all the genres in the booklet, like acid jazz/dance/smp/reverse beat/ballad).

    big bang’s album wasn’t that great compared to their previous work to me, but mainly cuz i’m not a super fan of electronika, but as Emily said, if ur an electronica lover, the album should be ear candy

    anyhow, big bang should at least get this, otherwise they’ll be way too overshadowed by tohoshinki’s amazing achievements this year (including japanese, the biggest one kohaku)

  11. I like Big Bang’s music. Just not their style. Koreans are starting to look too jangke these days -.-

  12. I think they choose this as the title song as to have a cheerful spirit after Haru Haru. It’s almost Christmas and listening to this song makes me really happy. And enough with the DBSK vs BB comparison. Every group has their pros and cons anyway.

  13. Lately Big Bang is gaining quite popularity in Korea which is I don’t like at all, I tried to like them as best as I can…but just ended with disappointment, and I really don’t get why they are getting popular there…and yet hate comparing DBSK with BB…huge difference in their talent…maybe both work hard…but big bang talent???…can’t see…really can’t see…dbsk must be so pissed off with this comparison
    These 3 mutizens went to wrong people I think…lucky you BB

  14. I liked their old songs better I think. Not that I don’t think they’re trying, but the their last “album” that came out had many remixes. I wanted more new stuff. Congrats to Big Bang but what was GB wearing on his head??? Purple pants awesome, but long white bandana draping from the hat? Not so fashionable~ Crazy GD >_<

  15. I liked Big Bang during their “Lies” days but after that, it seem as though they have changed. I used to like G-Dragon alot but these days, I find each and every member just… repulsive.

    Only Daesung remains as the member I can bother to like. The rest seems to have let arrogance go to their head.

    It’s really sad for this to happen. Because Big Bang has lots of opportunities to grow into something big but seeing them not as humble as they used to be, I know their days are numbered.


  16. ^ totally agree w/ you on the arrogance thing…

    i mean, i hate to add onto the comparisons, but look at tvxq… they’ve made historical landmarks in the music industry, and when you see them on interviews or at public places, the boys are SOO humble, like they’re nobodies… such amazing sportsmanship…

    big bang on the other hand flaunt it like they’re the owners of the industry…

  17. ^ yea…rather sad. everyone has their ups and downs i guess. i just hope big bang will have another up. maybe when their next album comes out…whenever that is.
    do they have different managements? i’m so out of the loop with all the managements because it’s mostly clashings and negative feelings towards the managements now.
    maybe bigbang may have swelled heads?? not to hate them cause many people would be excited if they struck big like the five of them, but…they are a little younger than tvxq (dbsk??). guys do take longer to mature >0<

  18. ^ They act the same as they did before. People shouldn’t judge if they don’t even like the group or prefer DBSK over them.

  19. @ tuya

    i smell jealousyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  20. yeah…jealousy indeed…but whatever, i’m sorry but the won!!! woot! XD

  21. jealousy
    both have pros and cons
    there are always some ups and downs in the industry

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