Park Hyo Shin Suprises With Tae Yang’s ‘Look Only At Me’ Dance

December 12, 2008 at 9:06 pm | Posted in Music | 3 Comments
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Jung Yup of Brown Eyed Soul, Park Hyo Shin and Wheesung drew the attention of many when they revealed their serenade for Lee Ha Na.

Jung Yup, Park Hyo Shin, Wheesung and Gummy performed on KBS ‘Lee Ha Na’s Peppermint’ broadcast on December 12th. On this night, the audience was captured with Wheesung’s ‘Can’t We? (안되나요),’ Gummy’s ‘If You Return (그대 돌아오면),’ Park Hyo Shin’s ‘Things I Can’t Do (해줄수 없는 일),’ Jung Yup’s ‘Did You Really Love? (정말 사랑했을까)’ and others.

Many eyes were especially drawn to the serenade for Lee Ha Na. Afterward Lee Ha Na proceeded with saying, “Truthfully beautiful” to which Wheesung refuted with, “Oh Come On” evoking a smile.

At Lee Ha Na’s request for another song, Jung Yup performed ‘You In My Arms’ and Wheesung with ‘Only You.’ And Park Hyo Shin with Tae Yang’s ‘Look Only At Me’ paired with a sudden dance that received many cheers. “Help me a little Wheesung Ah~” said Hyo Shin and Wheesung came in as support in the chorus to which they received great applause from Lee Ha Na who was watching.

Source: Go News
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  1. I saw this!
    It was hot yo!

  2. He ‘s so hot. I love him.


  3. I love him.

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