BoA’s English Blog, “MTV Was Awesome!”

December 11, 2008 at 9:52 pm | Posted in Music, Stars | 7 Comments

On December 10 (local time), BoA wrote on her English blog, “MTV Iggy was awesome!” which was the title, leading up to her experiences of her two performances in the United States.

BoA wrote, “I’m back in Los Angeles and more than a little tired, but you know what? I really just want to go back to New York!… I love NYC so much, and I especially love it during the Christmas season. Everything feels completely alive.” On December 3, BoA appeared for “MTV World Presents : BoA Live in New York” and recalled her interview with SuChin Pak. “I can’t explain it but I immediately felt like I had a new sister,” she wrote.

The best part, of course,  was how many fans showed up! I really couldn’t belive it and was so flattered to have them singing along to “Eat You Up.” My fans are the BEST and they really made me feel at home,” BoA wrote about the emotional moment.

On December 6, BoA was the opening performance for the Jingle Ball in Anahem at the Honda Center. “As soon as I got back to LA I got to perform at KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball. So many fans were out there supporting me,” she said. “I had a FULL day of interviews with online media and magazines. I was kind of nervous that they were going to ask me weird questions about American culture, but it ended up being totally fine and everyone made me feel totally comfortable,” BoA revealed.

The first thing I did after Jingle was restart my gym membership,” and “So next up I’m off to Atlanta to record some tracks for my album with Sean Garrett! I’ve never been to Atlanta before so I’m very curious…” she said of her schedule.

Source: Newsen, BoA’s Blog
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  1. Her English is getting better!!
    Only a couple sentences that don’t sound natural!
    It’s good she had a nice time in NYC…

  2. omg! boa’s coming to atlanta?? will she be performing in atl?? 😀

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  4. why would she need a gym membership.


  5. you know what.. it said that her mtv takover would also be on MTV.. the channel. such a lie.. but im glad it went well!!! BOA FIGHTING!!! man, i should’ve went to the jingle bell thing with kissfm.. damn.

    im really glad she’s getting fan support! boa is amazing!!!

  6. it will be on mtv and the other channels as mentioned before. the recording is done but the broadcasting hasn’t happened yet, so it’s not a lie… it just hasn’t aired yet.

  7. NEW YORK >>> L.A.

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