TVXQ Is Facing A Dilemma

December 5, 2008 at 2:59 am | Posted in Stars | 10 Comments

Will Dong Bang Shin Gi be able to participate in the year-end awards in Korea?

This year Dong Bang Shin Gi released their 4th album ‘MIROTIC’ in September with 500, 000 in album sales proving their influence as Korea’s top idol group however their participation in the year-end ceremonies will be affected due to activities in Japan.

On the 4th, Dong Bang Shin Gi’s label, SM Entertainment told Newsen that the group “will have to leave to participate in a Japanese broadcast on the 30th to the 31st” and that they’re “currently discussing a plan for activities in Korea.”

Like every year, Korea’s top 3 year end music festivals are planned to be held 29th for SBS, 30th for KBS and MBC on the 31st. The celebrations held on the 30th and 31st are proving to be a difficult situation.

The reason that attendance at the year-end festivals is proving to be difficult is because Japan is calling the boys back. Dong Bang Shin Gi is among the list of attendees at the biggest event in Japan’s music industry, the NHK Red & White Year-End Festival. The event will hold a significant meaning to the group since it’ll be their first time attending.

Dong Bang Shin Gi will also be attending the Japan Record Awards on the 30th as prize winners.

Source: Newsen
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  1. so….is it japan or korea?
    i say they choose japan over korea…
    why not?
    theyve done it a million times already

  2. though i would love to see them in the korean ones
    i think they should go to the ones in japan, they seem more important i guess…..

  3. Japan or Korea…?
    I think the Korean fans will be really hurt if they choose Japan… more hurt than the Japanese ones (because, duh, it’s the comeback to Korea…)

    Personally, I would love to see them in Korea- but either one I will love and watch the boys of course. I would say they MIGHT choose Japan over Korea…but then the boys might surprise us by attending to the Korean one.

    Whatever, still, DBSK hwaiting!

  4. htye def. will choose japan over korea
    idk why korean cass. are so loyal…
    but one thing is sure…
    they def. lost a lot of korean cass. to bb

  5. Attending Kokahu is a good step forward for their musical career. I can see why they would choose it. This will be their first time attending such a prestigious event in Japan, they’ve attended gayo shows before.

  6. If they decide to not attend the Japanese one, I will be absolutely disappointed. Although I know that not many fans are understanding enough (and supportive enough) to get over their own cravings for the boys, I personally will put their career first (like a good housewife XD)… This is the biggest ceremony in Japan for artists, and TVXQ’s single “Why Did I Fall in Love With You” was picked as one of the top 12 productions of the year.

    This is their biggest breakthrough in their Japanese career as of yet, and fans who are blaming their Korean heritage as being the sole reason for them having to miss the Japanese ceremony are just being selfish and not a true supporter.

  7. ^
    if they are korean
    shouldn their homeland come first
    the fans that supported them even in japan
    the fans that allowed them to become so popular
    u think that tvxq got popular in japan cuz of their talent or looks?
    sure they had to do with it
    but it wuz all cass.
    and they shouldnt be doing this to cass.
    just putting it out there…
    but if it wasnt for bigbang
    im pretty sure that tvxq wouldnt have made their comeback this year…
    mabye next next

  8. Yes, they are Korean. But they are in Japan for a reason. They’re getting a chance to really make a name for themselves in Japan with all of these important events.

    How was it “all cass” that made TVXQ popular in Japan? TVXQ started over as nobodies in Japan. If it was “all cass” who made them popular, all of TVXQ’s Japanese singles would’ve sold tons since their Japanese debut until now, but no, that didn’t happen. Once the boys started gaining more fans (BigEast) in Japan, that was when their singles began to sell more.

  9. I can see why they might want to attend the Korean shows – not just being Korean, but having been away from Korea for so long.
    On the other hand, the Korean shows are (I think?) standard year end events…but I’ve heard that the Japanese event is really prestigious, and I’m sure their growing Japanese fanbase wants to see them as well.
    They’ll have a lot of fans wherever they go though. Maybe they can do a video performance? (even though it’s nothing like the real thing…)

  10. honestly, this is a big milestone for the guys. truly if you are a fan regardless what fanclub you belonng to (cass.. bigeast) it shouldn’t matter. you’re supporting tvxq for crying outloud and i think that them even being asked to go to the award show and freaking taking an award is so monumental.

    they’ve worked so hard and long to get to where they are now. whatever they choose im sure it’ll be a long, thoughtout decision. i support them and i hope you do too.

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