Former Wonder Girls Member Hyun Ah Changes Agencies

December 2, 2008 at 8:44 pm | Posted in Music | 5 Comments
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Former Wonder Girls member Hyun Ah (real name Kim Hyun Ah) has changed agencies.

After formally being with JYP Entertainment, she’s moved to Play Cube Entertainment.

On a telephone conversation with Newsen on December 2, “Hyun Ah went to Cube Entertainment a few days ago. Plans have not yet been established whether she’ll be a solo. For now, she is practicing and waiting.”

In February of last year, Hyun Ah debuted with the Wonder Girls as a member with the most powerful rap and dance skills. She became bothered by chronic gastroenteritis, and eventually left the Wonder Girls in July of last year. Hyun Ah was replaced by Yoo Bin.

Source: Newsen
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  1. I always wondered what happened to her. I wonder how she feels about the Wonder Girls nowadays. Maybe kind of bitter. 😦 It stinks for her.

  2. I thought she left a long time ago when she dropped out of WG…
    Maybe she’ll be better off with a new agency…

  3. i love yoo bin so much

  4. isnt she in 4minute now???

  5. she’s in 4minute she is the rapper

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