Daniel Henney Participates In Chae Jung Ahn’s Comeback As A Singer

November 27, 2008 at 6:41 pm | Posted in Music, Stars | 5 Comments
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Not only an actress but Chae Jung Ahn who is a singer makes her comeback after 7 years.

On the 27th Chae Jung Ahn’s teaser for her music video featuring her track ‘TV Love’ was revealed to the public online. Netizens interest peaked when the video was released featuring the instrumental music in the ‘TV Love’ teaser earlier.

Chae Jung Ahn made her debut in the world of popular song in 1999 with ‘Cruel’ and was last active in 2001 when she released her 3rd album, ‘Goddess..Her Fate.’ And from this, Chae Jung Ahn makes her return after 7 years.

Chae Jung Ahn’s side conveyed that her music video will be in the format of a music drama. Actor Daniel Henney makes his appearance with Chae Jung Ahn in the teaser video in a playful manner, and then also appears more serious when they converge for a meeting. Black and white images of the stylish Daniel Henney, along with Henney with his guitar and others are also included in the teaser.

Chae Jung Ahn’s ‘TV Love’ is planned for release on December 1st. Meanwhile, watch her teaser video below.

Source: Newsen
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com
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  1. aww they look so cute!!

  2. damn he’s so sexy!

  3. They shoot the mv in France?! Maybe Paris no? There is french writing in the background! I didn’t know they was there bouh
    Love Daniel Henney ^^

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