Lee Junki to Star in Drama Next Spring

November 25, 2008 at 11:11 pm | Posted in Stars, Television | 4 Comments

Today’s hottest actor Lee Jun-ki has decided to star in the tentatively titled “Heroes.” To be aired on SBS next April, the drama is about a genius scam artist who gathers a team of riffraff to fight corruption and injustice.

Lee’s last work was a historical fusion drama, “Iljimae,” which won him wide acclaim and a huge following of new fans. However, he has been concerned about living up to the fame and expectations brought on by his talented acting in “Iljimae,” and has not been able to make any decisions on his next work. Lee says his character in “Heroes” is very appealing because he has survived the darkest days of his life and rose above it all to bring justice to the world. Kwon Ki-young, the writer of “Heroes,” wanted to deliver to the Korean people a message of hope and love through the adventures of these not-so-perfect characters.

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  1. Oh. I thought he was stepping aside because of the lawsuit that is pinning against him. So, glad he is not. Lee Junki never fails to impress with his acting and passion. Look forward to the new series next April.

  2. Does anyone know what happened with the lawsuit?

    Anyway, the plot seems interesting. I would check it out

  3. ahh!!
    i always love his dramas!!
    he was so sexy in ‘the time between dog and wolf’!
    i’m excited for this!

  4. Yay!
    Thank goodness he won the lawsuit.
    Can’t wait to see his new work && hopefully
    he’ll finally play a part that I’m wishing he gets to play. ^^

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