Choi Jin-shil Mourned 49 Days after Death

November 19, 2008 at 12:06 pm | Posted in Stars | 2 Comments

Forth-nine days have passed since noted actress Choi Jin-shil took her own life. In the 49th-day tribute for this ill-fated actress, her close friends and family members have gathered at her grave site to remember her life. The ceremony was held in the morning of November 19th at the Gapsan Cemetery in Yangsuri, Gyeonggi Province with Choi’s mother and brother (actor/singer Choi Jin-young), and her closest friends comedienne Lee Young-ja and actress Shin-ae.

Notably absent was Choi’s ex-husband and former baseball star Cho Sung-min, who’s currently embroiled in a controversial custody battle with Choi’s family. He was seen at the cemetery on November 18th, the day before the 49th day ceremony, to avoid media attention and an encounter with Choi’s family and friends.

Cho had given up his parental right over their two children after his divorce from Choi. But his parental right was automatically restored upon Choi’s death, which can also give him custody of her two young children and their inheritance, which is presumed to be in millions of dollars. Choi’s family and women’s advocate groups have rallied against Cho’s rights over children and Choi’s assets and urged the government to change the laws on parental rights. Meanwhile, Cho has denied his interest in the money, but has insisted on having visiting rights to see his children and carry out his fatherly duty.




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  1. is this like a tradition to mourn again on the 49th day or something??
    why didn’t this happen with the other suicides?

  2. I still can’t believe shes gone

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