Andy & Kim Tae Hee Are Entertainers With Most Beautiful Smiles

November 19, 2008 at 1:29 am | Posted in Stars | 4 Comments
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Shinhwa’s Andy and Kim Tae Hee were both selected as the entertainers with the most beautiful smile in the fashion magazine, Cosmopolitan.

From October 23rd until November 14th, 4,700 netizens participated in a questionnaire where they gave 10 out 10 points to Andy & Kim Tae Hee confirming that indeed do have the features of a ‘smile angel.’

During that time, in an interview Andy stated that he was “drawn to the inner beauty of a woman” and refers to Kim Tae Hee as being his ideal woman continuously.

Along with Andy & Kim Tae Hee, other entertainers in the questionnaire were Jang Dong Gun, Alex, Dae Sung (Big Bang), Lee Hyo Ri, Son Dam Bi and other popular artists.

Source: Newsen
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  1. lmao, what a weird questionnaire. He does have a really nice smile though; he looks sorta like a chipmunk actually.

    And Kim Taehee is just so bloody pretty.

  2. Kim TaeHee i get ~ buh why Andy?! I find his smile a little disturbing

  3. Though i don’t think Andy has the MOST beautiful smile of a male artist, i think his smile is sweet and genuine, and a lot of poll takers probably feel that way.

    Tae-hee is, of course, beautiful beyond words…

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