Lee Min Woo & Amy, ‘Kko Kko’ Couple To Lovers In Real Life?

November 17, 2008 at 9:30 pm | Posted in Stars | 7 Comments
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Singer Lee Min Woo and ‘Bad Diary 3’ Heroine, Amy become a real couple after forming a connection as a couple on KBS Happy Sunday – Kko Kko Tour.

Lee Min Woo’s fans have observed the two in the middle of what seemed like a date often and therefore formed the conclusion that they were involved.

According to the representatives of the two on the 18th, right after ‘Kko Kko Tour,’ the two were spotted at the Seoul Apgujeongdong Cafe and other places on what looked like a date.

Hosted by Tak Jae Joon and Shin Jung Hwan, Lee Min Woo and Amy formed a couple on location in Saipan on the love concept variety show ‘Kko Kko Tour.’

However, Lee Min Woo and Amy’s management denied their involvement, stating that the rumors are ‘groundless.’ On the 18th, Amy’s manager stated, “Amy and Lee Min Woo are not intimately involved” and made clear that they “Only produce the lover-like atmosphere as the characters of the program.”

Source: Break News
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com
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  1. I think they look really cute together. They have a lot of chemistry on that show. Sparks fly whenever I see them together.

  2. They’re old friends ^^

  3. why is it such a big deal about who stars date??
    i just don’t understand…

  4. […] seoulfull credit: Break […]

  5. they r wonderful!!!!
    i juz watch kko kko n think they r great together! amy is cute , min woo too!! the scene where min woo was after amy while dong wook ask amy to be wif him show how much min woo care bout her XD eventhough he seems like to play, but being with amy, he juz a perfect boyfriend to her.. i like them!!!
    ~but i juz wondering…did they r already couple b4 d show or juz met in kko kko?

  6. amy too cute..i love her…haha..n min woo so cute too..
    he have playful side..i love both of them!!make that love real~haha..

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