Joint Korean-German Drama “Yalu River Flows” to Air

November 12, 2008 at 1:00 pm | Posted in Television | 7 Comments

“Yalu River Flows (German title: Der Yalu Fliesst)” is originally an autobiographical novel written by Korean ex-pat writer Li Mirok. Now the novel has been turned into a TV series co-produced by Korea’s SBS and Germany’s BR (Bayerischer Rundtunk). The drama portrays the life of Li Mirok, who fled to China and finally settled in Germany after fighting for Korea’s freedom while studying medicine in Tokyo during the Japanese colonial regime. The dramatic life of Li reflects the turbulent era of modern Korean and Germany history.

The role of Li is played by Woo Byeok-song, a Korean actor living in Germany, and Li’s parents are played by esteemed Shin Gu and Na Moon-hee. Its executive producer Lee Jong-han says the drama has been in preparation for nearly 30 years and it’s going to be his signature piece. The three episodes of “Yalu River Flows” is to be aired on November 14, the founding day of SBS, and also in Germany in 2009.




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  1. kinda odd…i never thought that a korean would live in germany…
    the drama seems kinda bleh to me..not that interesting…

  2. OH YES! finally something korea in germany, even though byerischer rundfunk is smething no normal german boy or girl would watch xD

  3. Quite many Koreans live in Germany. I think most of them came to study classical music.

    How do you think I got to know about K-Pop? ;D

  4. I watched the 1st episode and am still watching the 2nd.. mmm, its not that interesting but I LOVED the OST…
    am wondering, any1 know how many episodes this drama is?

  5. sorry, I dunno why i missed the line when it said that its 3 episodes.. lol..
    am watching the 3rd episode now, its not that bad, if I just understand one of the 2 languages.. lol
    btw, am watching it online ^^

  6. I loved the story!

  7. […] Goethe U. in Frankfurt is looking to fund M.A. students in East Asian Studies, a Yalu River drama hits German screens, and a tremendous report has been released chronicling the eight-year propaganda campaign within […]

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