SNSD Yuri Presents A Lovers Pose On Wheesung’s Lap

November 11, 2008 at 12:31 am | Posted in Stars, Television | 13 Comments
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Girl’s Generation Yuri took a seat on singer Wheesung’s lap in which they presented the visual of tenderhearted lovers.

Recently in a recording of SBS show, ‘Age Of Love,’ there was a discussion of the kind of affection a man likes, resulting in a demonstration of ‘taking a sit on the lap’ by Yuri with Wheesung who was a guest on the show.

While sitting on Wheesung’s lap, Yuri stated, “Oppa’s [Wheesung] lap is warm like a jade mattress” and it was rumored that she did not get off for some time.

The episode will air on November 13th.

Source: Newsen
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  1. omigosh. wheesung seriously needs a makeover. i just realize how unglier he is with his haircut.ckckck.fortunately, the guy can rally sing.haha

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  3. Wheesung looks a little like Micky Yoochun. Hmm…interesting.

  4. Lols, oh what so cute~ xD;
    I can’t wait to see this streamed somewhere (YT, hopefully). X]

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  6. Hope she doesn’t gain more antis from this T-T

  7. Helo… get off fromm Wheesung.. duh.

  8. isnt she a little younger? Oh come on she´s never good enough for such a guy like WheeSung..

  9. cute<333

  10. being new in this site i have the last comment… ” its cute” ! wheesung got the look!

  11. lucky guy Wheesung ..such a gorgeous lady sitting in his lap..luckiest guy ever..Yuri pls.get off’re hurting my heart <//3

  12. what a bitchy bitch she is

  13. hey Yuri, fuck off his lap. hate you times a thousand

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