BoA Spends 22nd Birthday in US

November 11, 2008 at 3:11 pm | Posted in Music, Stars | 6 Comments

BoA, South Korea’s first singer to break into mainstream America, had a grand party in the United States to start relationships with local officials and people.

BoA’s 22nd birthday was on November 5. In order to advance in the U.S., she is staying in a suburb of Los Angeles and was seen on November 6, a day after her birthday, at 7pm located in a Los Angeles restaurant bar at “ZUNE,” holding a “BoA Birthday Party & Listening Party.”

In addition to SM officials, a large number of famous publishers, record labels, and famous pop producers attended. SM said, “U.S. entertainment and media workers and other officials were invited to see and hear [BoA’s] U.S. debut song ‘Eat You Up’ which she sang and also the music video was shown.”

While preparing for American activities, BoA’s first U.S. interview was with Sidewalks TV. Based on the internet in San Francisco, Sidewalks TV in the past has interviewed Mary J Blige, Green Day, Shaquille O’Neal, Hulk Hogan, Marcia Cross, as well as other famous singers, movie stars, and sports stars.

BoA was introduced to Sidewalks TV as an international pop star with her “Eat You Up” music video. The interview included her introduction, and her goals for the future which look bright. Because of her devotion to studying, this has showed that BoA has skillfully advanced in her English to become fluent.

Source: Newsen
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  1. hey what about that other guy from JYP?
    what was his name g-soul or something…
    didn’t he release like a song or something too?

    you know everyone’s talking about her US debut and all but i have still yet to hear her song on the radio…when i hear it on the radio i’ll consider her debut a success…

  2. the first sentence is a bit premature 🙂 she hasn’t exactly broken into … yet

  3. ^ well she didn’t translate it correctly thats why

  4. […] seoulfull Credit: […]

  5. do u guyz noe wat radio station can ii hear her song?

  6. You can hear at KISS FM 🙂

    BoA’s official myspace

    BoA’s official facebook

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