Big Bang Sells 430,000 in 2008, “Countdown to Over 500,000”

November 10, 2008 at 11:43 am | Posted in Music | 14 Comments

Big Bang has taken the music industry in 2008.

Big Bang’s second album “Remember” released on November 4 has swept the #1 position on online music sites like Melon, Mnet, Bugs, and others. This is only two months since the last broadcasting of their third mini album song “Day by Day” (하루하루).

With their second mini album title song “Last Farewell” (마지막 인사) earlier this year, and the summer’s third mini album title song “Day by Day” (하루하루), this makes a total of three times of #1 on both online and offline charts.

A YG Entertainment agent said, “In the music industry now, online music sales and strong and offline music sales are weak, but from Big Bang’s first album to their second, they have been strong in both,” and “It’s because they work hard to create different music from the others.”

Big Bang has the the best sales for a Korean artist for a total of 430,000 (Hanteo chart). This sales record is only for until November, and because it’s been less than a week since the release of their second album, it’s possible that it will reach over 500,000.

A YG Entertainment agent added, “It’s been two years since their debut and since then, they have sold a total of 1,000,000. This is quite an achievement when you consider that when they debuted, the Korean music market was at one of its worst times.”

Source: Newsen
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  1. Wow, great to see that Korean CD sales can finally get on par with its neighbors’, Japan’s.

    I am really surprised though, because even though I’m a fan of Big Bang, I honestly thought this album was quite lackluster compared to the other things they’re capable of making. Regardless, I guess being Korea’s top idol has its benefits, with fans lapping up whatever comes out.

    I think this would’ve been an interesting battle to watch between TVXQ and Big Bang, had the idiotic Hanteo charts counted TVXQ’s multiple CD versions as one (they’re for some reason dividing up TVXQ’s albums, so the sales look much lower than they actually are).

  2. Luc: Are they really? I know for whatever reason they lump all of Big Bang’s releases as “one” almost… it’s odd how they don’t do the same for DBSK. T.T

    Anyway~ congrats to Big Bang! They’re awesome ❤ Definitely a much needed act in Kpop right now, imo.

  3. so…better than mirotic?

  4. I’m glad for Big Bang!
    I thought that ‘Mirotic’ was gonna sell more than Big Bang but I guess they had a comeback at the right time..I hope they reach their goal of 500,000 and maybe break a record in Korea…that’d be amazing!

  5. so…. it’s like 430,000 for many singles..
    DBSK’s mirotic sold more than this

  6. if hanteo chart counts both versions of dbsk’s album then the sales would have been higher..

  7. Hanteo did the right thing and counted DBSK album separately. I mean it’s the same song, maybe just one or two added (I know the C version has four ‘new’ songs).
    They counted BB’s albums/mini-albums as one because each one had a hit song. It wouldn’t be fair to count each hit song (4 songs) as one. Whereas, DBSK only had ‘Mirotic.’ (So far.)

    @vic, DBSK’s album didn’t sell more than 430K (yet). Stop making things up or assuming.

    Give credit where it’s due, don’t hate, truth is in the numbers. Geeezzzzzzz….

    Both are great, that’s why they’re being compared to each other and that’s why they top the charts.

  8. TVXQBBLOVE – your reasoning makes no sense at all.
    DBSK has only one single so far, therefore they should be counted separately. BB has had several, therefore count them as one? what?
    The same version of ONE album should be counted separately, yet wholly *different* albumS should be lumped altogether? ludicrous
    I am totally missing your logic


    it doesn’t make any sense for the chart to count BB’s multiple albums with only DBSK’s mirotic…
    i’m missing your logic as well

  10. I thought it couldn’t be any simpler than that….
    Okay let’s just say BB has 3 albums (which are all combined, that’s what they did) each album had/has a hit song (Last Farewell, Haru Haru, Sunset Glow).
    DBSK had one album with different versions (A, B, C, etc) but they only had one hit song off the album (so far, which is Mirotic).
    Hanteo counted all of BB album cause each had a hit song, they didn’t count all versions of DBSK album cause each album still had one hit song (and plus they’re all the same songs, just repackaged or one-two songs added), which was Mirotic (it would’ve been different if the new songs off the newer released versions was a hit song but it’s not).
    Hope that cleared it up, if not I don’t know how to explain it any more. If you still need help comprehending, visit Soompi……
    If you go to their site, it even explains why they did that and how they decided to do that.

  11. i think what TVXQBBLOVE wanted to say or explain is to think of big bang hits like Last Farewell+Haru Haru+Sunset Glow, we count it as 3 different hits right, okay now think about dbsk they have Mirotic its one hit song so we wouldnt count it 3-4 times even though its different album/cd versions. on version a, b, c, d mirotic is all the same its just diff versions of the same cd. it would make more sense to not combine all diff versions of dbsk
    ?? i think thats what they meant, if not then idk.


    We understand what you mean, but people such as myself believe that logic is still ridiculous. They’re totally separate albums yet they’re lumped together? It’s the most retarded thing I’ve heard.

    Big Bang fans can go pat themselves on the back, but I still think Hanteo is low-balling things. Then again Korea’s music charts are nonsense anyways.

  13. I really really don’t get what TVXQBBLOVE is trying to say. In my view, opposite of what she’s saying would make much sense…LOL~

  14. Ah~ i understand now, tvxqbblove

    LOL. trying to make an excuse.

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