Sidewalks, BoA’s 1st English Interview

November 7, 2008 at 12:15 pm | Posted in Music, Stars | 23 Comments

A couple weeks ago, Sidewalks (San Francisco-based) interviewed BoA since she is spending time here in the States for the time being to try to promote “Eat You Up.” This is her first all-English interview since her attempt to break into the U.S. market. Watch the interview below. Since this is a pretty recent display of her English, how do you think she will fare here?



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  1. she needs to work on it ><
    C’mon BoA learn that english! ^^/

  2. her english is actually really good, her accent is almost completely gone and she pretty much has the grammar down. i’m really proud 8D
    especially since she learned so much in such a short time, her english will definitely get better

  3. Her English is really good!! I didn’t even notice any bad grammar..

    Good luck BoA! ❤

  4. ROFLS “You were slippery, wet and sexy mad hot cool.”
    Yes, that WOULD be BoA. The MC is so poppy~ ^__^ That’s good. Like, an encouraging…fangirl? (yay~!)

    Lols, whatever. Anyways- agreed that BoA’s English needs work- but also agreed that I’m confident that her English will improve. I mean… to be honest, English is a little easier to learn than say…Japanese? In my opinion… but then, I’m not a fair judge… blah~

    Anyways, BOA! YOU CAN DO IT! I’d say “hwaiting”…but you’re in America now and they sort of don’t have that equivalent in English- but…Good Luck! Kick butt!

  5. BoA speaking in english for her myspace.
    BoA says welcome to my MySpace!
    BoA finally released her official MySpace and is saying “Welcome”.

    She also commented on her first U.S. single “Eat You Up”, saying “I am very excited about my new single, ‘Eat You Up’. Check it out and make sure to leave a comment.” BoA’s MySpace is now ready, and she’ll be updating it everyday and keeping updates on tours, music video, etc.

    Let’s go BoA’s official myspace for hearing her message by English~!!
    She speaks english pretty well. 😀

  6. she seems very fluent but not easily understandable, which imho is not good enough for american audiences, unfortunately

  7. actually, i thought she sounded a bit nervous, but that’s not surprising since this is her 1st full English interview! she definitely still needs to work on her English, however, there’s no doubt that she’ll catch on fast, esp. with the work ethic that she’s well-known for. her accent is almost zilch, which i was very impressed with. she kinda sounds like J-Pop singer, melody, if anyone knows her…

    anyways, AJA! AJA! FIGHTING, BoA!!! ❤

  8. hmm yeh ..its hard listening to her speak english. Buh i guess its okay ..sorta

  9. yep, she still needs to work on her english–i thought her accent was quite heavy… o.o;

    but at least she can communicate and get her responses out quickly.

  10. wow i think its pretty good yet not as impressive as i expected. but compare to other asian artist boa has it much better!
    hope she’ll improve more!

  11. it wuz really good
    she said everything she wanted
    and understood everything
    she just has to improve her accent a little
    which comes easily if u just speak the language a lot to native speakers
    which she will be doing loads of…!

  12. She sounds like a bimbo. Her “you know”s and “like”s are not encouraging.

  13. i think her english was awesome for someone who hasn’t been learning it for that long. i took japanese classes for a year and im not even half that fluent! her hardwork is really paying off.

  14. I think she did great. Granted, there was a little bit of stumbling, but it’s a lot harder to speak in another language off the top of your head – she’s not reciting. Very little accent too.
    Besides – she understood Christina, even when she was talking really fast.
    She’ll improve the more she gets used to things. I really hope she does well!

  15. aww she sounds cute speaking in english… but yeah, please lose the “like”s ^___^”

    Her pronunciation is surprisingly really good, though she still needs to polish up her English. No doubt with more time to learn it, she’ll sound really fluent. BoA has the accent right already. I think she can make it!


  16. if she fixed up her R’s and make them tighter i think her accent would disappear…and she said ‘debut’ wrong twice before the other lady said it then BoA realized that she said it wrong…yeah but sometimes BoA didn’t really answer the questions the first one “how’s it going?”

  17. hmm she sounds kinda …rude? i derno ..maybe it is that ‘bimbo’ quality ..but she sounds as if she doesnt take it seriously. obviously this is due to her diction, cuz we all noe boa is lovely hahaha wow i hope her eng improves

  18. i think the only word that she had a LOT of trouble with was “comfortable”, which is understandable. its not easy for a foreign speaker. but shes improved a LOT since the anyband concert. remember the junsu/boa version of a whole new world? english was terrible ==;;

  19. Still fobby engrish.

    I rather wait for an Asian American who knows the ins and outs of America to do well.

  20. […] preparing for American activities, BoA’s first U.S. interview was with Sidewalks TV. Based on the internet in San Francisco, Sidewalks TV in the past has interviewed Mary J Blige, […]

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  22. I’m very proud of BoA~~!!!

    BoA’s official myspace

    BoA’s official facebook

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