Jo Hye Ryeon to Host Japanese Show

November 5, 2008 at 11:20 am | Posted in Television | 3 Comments

Korean comedienne Jo Hye-ryeon will co-host a Japanese program on NHK early next year. This will be her first hosting job since she started building her career in Japan two years and six months ago.

Having signed with HoriPro Entertainment, one of Japan’s largest entertainment agencies, Jo has taken part in a variety of Japanese shows as a regular panel member, but never has hosted a show before. Jo’s first regular gig in Japan was in a TBS program.

She attributes her determination and Japanese proficiency as the driving force behind her success in Japan. Although she didn’t have any contacts in Japan, she was determined to make it in the tough Japanese TV industry and visited countless TV producers to make herself known. She made up for her lack of Japanese language skills at first by doing slapstick comedy, but, as her Japanese proficiency grew, she began to make names for herself with her unique comic style and sincere attitude. Late last year she took part in the NHK Red vs. White Singing Contest together with Korean idol singer BoA.

Picture Source: Herald Biz



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  1. wow go JHR!
    im proud of her shes working her ass off

  2. she’s in japan? i have no idea abt this!
    korean gasoo is booming in japan, but korean gagman she might be the 1st one
    unnie fighting!

  3. oh really, that’s great!!

    i loved her in shows such as heroine 6 and such. her personality and sense of humor will work very well with the japanese spectrum of comedy, i believe.

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