Big Bang TOP Hospitalization, Why Is YG Quiet About The Suicide Rumor?

November 5, 2008 at 4:10 pm | Posted in Stars | 15 Comments

The fact that YG Entertainment released news of Idol group Big Bang member, TOP being hospitalized on November 5th at the Seoul Heuk Seok Dong University Hospital, but didn’t seem to bother to make an appearance at the hospital has become a cause for suspicion.

Communication stopped after Big Bang’s TOP was allegedly hospitalized, only until ‘groundless suicidal’ rumors grew did a they act post-haste and a hospital spokesperson ultimately appeared.

YG Entertainment is close to it’s YG entertainers and when there was a health problem, his personally packed items were sent to the hospital where a professor appeared at the hospital, explained the situation and left. “TOP was in a conscious and confused state when he came to the hospital on the 5th at 12:30PM,” and “Judgment of the dose of medicine is currently difficult. And he’s currently sleeping in the hospital room” said the Professor. But about the strange rumors, the professor replied TOP “Can’t know.”

YG Entertainment will hold a briefing at 10PM where they will try to remedy the current situation.

Source: Newsen
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  1. Oh noez 😦 TOP… i wonder what the reason is…

  2. NOO! poor TOP 😦

  3. Oh my god, I hope everything is alright… D:

    I hope they will release what’s going on with him.

  4. Oh no….I hope everything goes well and that it wasn’t a suicide attempt….that’s been spreading wildly lately. =[

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  6. I really hope that TOP is ok because he is such a talented rapper.

    People need to stop spreading such hostile rumors. Haven’t we lost so many talented people too rumors all ready!!!

  7. He’s been discharged now, and seems fine. He should be more careful… 😦

  8. OMG..hope TOP gets better..

  9. OMFG! TOP We love you!!! and it would break our hearts if anythign was to happen to you!!!!!! </3 GET BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]


  10. tooooooooooooooooooooop i love you toooooooo much

  11. omg hi



  14. I like big band top because he is so hotttttttttz to me girls,

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