Stars Who Love Stars, “From Fans To Collegues”

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Stars also love stars. Famous stars that are now entertainers, once themselves worshiped and were the fans of a famous star.

These stars long for and dream of being stars and entertainers, and after making their debut they meet their colleagues and form new connections.

Wonder Girls recently revealed suddenly that she was a die-hard fan of Eun Ji Won. On MBC’s broadcast of ‘Come To Play’ on the 3rd, Yoo Bin revealed, “During my childhood, I was a passionate Sechskies Fans” and drew attention when she stated that, “Specially Eun Ji Won who I liked the most.”

Yoo Bin suprised those around her when she revealed that, “My Mother was against joining fan clubs but I followed everything on Sechkies schedule.”

It also has become known that Lee Hyo Ri was a passionate fan of HOT member, Tony. In the 2006 broadcast of ‘Sang Sang Plus’ Lee Hyo Ri revealed that “During High School I was a fan of Tony.” During that episode she also revealed that he “possessed the quality of a star in my heart and that I pulled out Tony’s diary from his bag.”

Before making her debut, Chae Yeon was a fan of Kim Jong Gook. Last year on Good Sunday’s ‘Xman’ Chae Yeon revealed, “For 10 years I was a Turbo fan and entered ‘Star Date’ to meet Oppa [Kim Jong Gook].” Remembering the past and calling Chae Yeon by her real name, Kim Jong Gook replied, “It’s been a long time, Jin Suk Ah,” to which Chae Yeon responded, “I didn’t know that even in my wildest dream I would become an entertainer and meet Oppa like this.”

During the HOT Concert in 1996, Bae Seul Gi who was following HOT’s songs was captured on camera. The video of the then 11 year old Bae Seul Gi in the old HOT video among the fans was revealed to public.

The star that possesses the most star fans is Cultural President, Seo Taiji. Just his name would cause a flutter in the hearts of the entertainers who were then his fans.

SES member, Eugene drew attention when a picture of her along with Seo Taiji was taken when she was living in Guam. Choi Kang Hee who partook in the Seo Taiji & Boys Commemoration as a staff member was also Seo Taiji fan club member. And studying abroad at the time, Gong Hyo Jin would listen to Seo Taiji’s song over the radio and overcome the difficult time she had during her study.

There are many circumstances when these entertainers themselves are wildly enthusiastic about stars. Who knows what star’s future, who’s hiding among the fans of a famous star right now will be formed.

Source: Star News
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  1. this is so cute! see, they’re normal just like the rest of us lol. awe, hyori and tony awe.. so cute!!! but stealing his journal (cuz boys dont have diaries lol) was like woah.

  2. ^ it literally says notebook but I decided to sneak diary in there xD But thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the article! =)

  3. ohh that’s cute.
    i was laughing crazily during that Xman epi where they showed clips of chae yon and jong wook. soo cute and such a fangirl!

    OMG. yoobin and i are jiwon fanatics! cool! :))

  4. Oh… I’m curious about the look of little Bae Sul Gi who attended their concert! ;DDD

  5. From a video clip i watched on youtube …
    Yoo Bin likes EJW n EJW likes Ye Eun.

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