SHINee wants you to be their “Amigo”

November 4, 2008 at 10:08 am | Posted in Music, Releases | 3 Comments

SHINee’s latest music video, “Amigo,” has been released. This is the title song from their first repackaged album. Watch it below with English subs.



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  1. i love this MV!
    ahh! and min ho is so hot!
    gahh…what am i saying?
    they’re all so sexy!!

  2. I loved this song SO much when I first heard it. It’s been on repeat for over a week, haha.

    And I absolutely loved the video when I watched it yesterday. And now that I know what the song means, it’s all so much better!

    😛 I love it!

  3. sooo catchy…
    and smooth dance moves.


    but i find it hard to tell them apart @_@ the shinee boys, e.g. minho & jonghyun… and then there’s key & onew

    lol ._.
    i’m new to the fandom as you could probably tell D:

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