Moon Hee Jun Involved In Car Accident “Luckily No Injuries”

November 4, 2008 at 1:26 pm | Posted in Stars | 5 Comments

On November 4th at 5:30PM in front of the Cheongdamdong Galleria Department Store in Seoul, Moon Hee Jun’s vehicle was in the midst of changing lanes when the vehicle at his rear collided into him and causing Moon Hee Jun’s vehicle to collide into the car in front of him and others, thus placing him at the center of a 4 car collision.

“Moon Hee Jun finished up work in his office and was returning home when the accident occurred,” revealed his representative and that “His manager and others rushed to the scene of the wreck straight away.” Also adding, “Luckily the vehicle was not speeding and he was not injured.”

Moon Hee Jun came to an agreement with the parties involved in the car wreck and exchanged insurance information, then Moon Hee Jun returned home in his manager’s vehicle where he is currently resting.

“Since there aren’t any injuries or other problems, there will be no changes to his broadcasting schedule, ” stated Moon Hee Jun’s representative.

Source: Newsen
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  1. sad..i hope he gets better soon…

  2. Thanks God, no injuries >”< Why this kind of things happened to my beloved ones T.T

    Thank you so much for sharing this news.


  3. O.O;;; Junnie ❤

    I’m glad everyone is safe and ok.

    P.s. its November 4th ….not October.

  4. ^ Thanks for the correction!

  5. hope he recovers entirely

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