BoA at Ben Lyons’ Birthday Bash

November 2, 2008 at 10:35 pm | Posted in Stars | 8 Comments

Working toward her break-through in the American music industry, it seems that BoA was at Ben Lyons’ birthday bash and her song “Eat You Up” was played. Check out her appearances at 00:13 and again at 01:25.



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  1. Really! A great move by her management. Get the song played at a LA party connected with E! Entertainments News Channel. If Ryan Seacreast, can play it one his radio show that would be great exposure. The fans might be thinking why. I don’t like the way it’s going either. SMTown should be mindful of how they hand and promote BoA.

  2. BoA hwaiting…:D

  3. i double that.
    EXCELLENT move by management!

  4. I kind of feel bad for BoA. I wonder if sometimes she looks around and is like…”What am I doing here?” Hanging out with the entertainment crowd in a different country… That’s pretty crazy.
    But hey, maybe she’s having fun. Go BoA 😀

  5. Im soooo happy for BoA. Although I do think she needs some rest cause this American debut seems rushed. But non the less Im very excited for her

  6. I love BoA.
    She looks so adorable 😀

    Let’s go BoA’s myspace~

    I’ll support you,BoA~!!
    and all asian american will support you, too 😉

  7. BoA’s myspace

  8. BoA’s official facebook

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