SHINee members, Onew & Jong Hyun Heart-pounding ‘Heroes’ Stage

October 30, 2008 at 5:16 pm | Posted in Music | 5 Comments
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In a live broadcast of Mnet’s M!Coutdown on October 30th, popular idol group captivated the hearts of fans with the performance of ‘Like A Man.’

SHINee members, Onew and Jong Hyun took part in M!Countdown’s ‘Heroes’ stage and performed Fly To The Sky’s ‘Like A Man’ in complete harmony, receiving the cheers of theirs fans.

Also participating in the broadcast were Wheesung and Kim Jong Kook with their comeback performances.

Watch SHINee’s ‘Heroes’ Tribute below, uploaded by user kahboon.

Source: Break News
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  1. i just saw the news on naver! cos onew was on the top ten list & i was like, oooooh wae wae then i clicked & saw namjadabkye & i was hooolllllyyyyyy must dl! lol

  2. This was crazy good. SHINee is setting a new standard for idol groups ❤

  3. Whoa, this was GOOD! I’m surprised; I’ve never actually heard any of SHINee’s songs yet, but I’ve definitely heard of them. They’re everywhere nowadays, haha. Props for them for being worth the hype! 🙂

  4. awesome performance!! i am impressed 😀

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