Seoulfull Op/Ed: When Words Kill

October 28, 2008 at 4:37 pm | Posted in Other, Seoulfull | 2 Comments

The suicide of actress Choi Jin Shil has become such a cause for concern that it has also garnered the attention of the English speaking media. Newsweek, an American weekly news magazine which is America’s second largest magazine ran an article in the beginning of October entitled, “When Words Kill: Suicide spurs bid to regulate the net in South Korea” bringing to attention the state of a country seemingly lost in cyberspace stating, “Korea’s growing Internet problems stem from its strength in information technology. Local portal sites such as Daum and Naver exert enormous influence on society as they nearly monopolize forums for public debates.”

Where opinion can turn into fact within a few seconds and where any individual — a CEO of a multi million dollar company with a grudge or a bored high school freshman — can express their opinion, where do we draw the line between free-speech and libel?

Seoulfull readers are citizens of the net as well, what’s your take regarding your fellow netizens? Be sure to check out the full Newsweek article HERE.

Thank you gypsy_sonata for the forward!



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  1. I know sooner or later a US publication would write about Choi Jin Shil. The comments on the article are interesting, but one thing that bothers me is they don’t understand the social ideals of South Korea. In a book a while back, I read that Korean society is built on non-individual personalities. The opposite of the American social ideal. Working for the whole instead of the self.

    Regulating a law of real-names for chat-rooms is not going to change anything. People ae the ones who need to be accountable for their actions. Morality can not be forced on a person, they have to learn it themselves. The world as a whole needs to grow up.

  2. omg!
    her suicide is getting so much publicity!
    first it cause copy cat suicides…
    now the US public thinks that koreans are just gossipers that kill…dude…

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