SBS, Rain ‘Rainism’ OK vs. ‘You’ Broadcast Banned

October 25, 2008 at 2:08 am | Posted in Music | 8 Comments

SBS has declared that broadcast of ‘You’ from Rain’s 5th album will not be permitted.

The SBS committee met on the 24th and deliberated over Rain’s ‘You’ and deemed it inappropriate for broadcast because of it’s suggestive lyrics such as “Your volume, I am being pulled into” “hide your rump, because of you I am going really crazy” “My body is soaked, And always I am touched” “Touching your sexy lips” among others.

Apart from the broadcast of ‘You’ there shouldn’t be any other hindrances to Rain’s album activities.

Source: Star News
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  1. will this will not effect rain he still going strong it just one song Sbs will lose higher rating but then he is not perfomaing only you alot so that ok

  2. which song ” You” or “Only You”?

    I’m so confuse.

  3. ^ It’s the 3 minute song, ‘You’ ^^

  4. Does korea have censorship laws written into the books, or is this just that station’s choice?

  5. ^I think it’s just the station’s choice
    But Rain’s really getting picked on the lyrics huh? >_< Not the best way for a comeback. But good luck Rain~!

  6. Rain….shhhhhhhhhhhhhh…there is already enough singers better than you in Korea…

  7. “tvxqslove” sorry but Rain is number one in everything for millions of people… saranghae Rain!!!!

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