Han Chae Young Will Play Kim Hyun Joong’s First Love In ‘Boys Over Flowers”

October 24, 2008 at 1:37 am | Posted in Television | 11 Comments

Actress Han Chae Young will contribute a special performance as Min Seo Hyeon (Known as Shizuka in the original) playing first love of Yoon Ji Hoo (played by Kim Hyun Joong) and leaving a profound influence on his character in the first half.

As Min Seo Hyeon, actress Han Chae Young will be playing an elite female actress who is a law student in Paris with the appearance of a beautiful and attractive model. Min Seo Hyeon lives nearby and becomes close to the young Yoon Ji Hoo who has autism.

Min Seo Hyeon declares her independence and begins to leave. Yoon Ji Hoo who is hurting as he is embraced admits finally that it’s the best choice and causing him to work harder because of such a wise woman.

‘Boys Over Flowers’ supporting characters are quickly finishing up making preparations for shooting. Produced by Group Eight and featuring Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon and Koo Hye Sun as the main leads, ‘Boys Over Flowers’ plans to broadcast in December on KBS.

Source: Newsen
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com
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  1. wow, no offence, I loved her in “My Delightful Girl” but seriously, the picture is so badly taken of her!

    She looks like a mix of ALIEN & post-op Micheal Jackson…!

    I don’t want haters cuz I like her, but this photo really sucked!

  2. that just killed my dream of seeing hwang bo as shizuka =( *sigh*

  3. she’s pretty. really skinny face though.. but pretty ^^

  4. how i wish that hwang bo will be sizuka…

  5. AUTISM…. AUUUUUTIIIIISMMMMMMMM!!!! Say it ain’t so. Say it was mistranslated! Say it ain’t so. I’m going to sob.

  6. Following the manga rui had autism when he was a child

  7. i like you ., coz your so beautiful, like me…he he he..

  8. so beatiful

  9. mang aagaw ka sue chen sa akin lang c ji hoo

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