‘Full House’ Sequel In Production!

October 24, 2008 at 3:07 am | Posted in Television | 11 Comments
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‘Full House’ sequel could be a possibility.

A representative of ‘Full House’ productions, Kim Jong Hak Productions revealed on October 24th that, “Currently ‘Full House 2’ is in the process of being prepared.”

Also, “We’re preparing with the goal to televise by next summer” and “‘Full House’ is seeing a string of popularity over Asia from China, Taiwan and Others. We’re also considering a joint production.”

And regarding the performances of hero Rain and heroine Song Hye Gyo, “The casting has not been begun yet. Wouldn’t it be good if Rain and Song Hye Gyo came together?” Also adding, “The synopsis will be communicated to Rain who recently had his comeback.”

‘Full House’ which was directed by Pyo Min Soo and written by Min Hyo Jeong was released in 2004. Along with being popular in Korea, it’s also enjoyed immense popularity in China crowning Rain and Song Hye Gyo as Hallyu stars.

Source: Newsen
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com
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  1. 1st!

    Really?? I hope this going to be happened!!
    I excited!

  2. cool, can’t wait

  3. really, i was in love with full house the drama that got me into korean dramas LOL.. hopefully the original cast is still in there

  4. I can’t wait too!

  5. i want to share this news in all fans of full house when i know this im exited next year you know the sequal of full house is on augost kaya im happy

  6. […] Berita fullhhouse terbaru kunjungi https://seoulfull.wordpress.com […]

  7. maybe they can put lee min ho and koo hye son together again to see how they perform in the drama, replacing the original cast

  8. I really love this drama, truly impress modern korean culture. I hope Rain and SHG could work together again as Lee Yong Jae and Han ji Eun. I love u both

  9. Full House is the best korean drama ive ever watched!
    i cant wait for the sequel..i hope it will really happen.
    though..it wouldn’t be FULL HOUSE as we know it without RAIN and Song Hye-Kyo.
    We in the Philippines are really looking forwaard to being entertained and inspired by their story ones again!

  10. Looking forward for Full House Sequel. I must say that in Manipur (North East India), we all are big fan of Korean Movies.. I love Rain, he is very cute.. I love his smile..

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