“Kang Mae Syndrome” Sweeps Marketing

October 23, 2008 at 12:26 pm | Posted in Television | 3 Comments

One of the hottest TV series these days is “Beethoven Virus,” a story about a talented yet extremely harsh conductor and his attempt to lead an orchestra made up of amateurs. Nicknamed Kang Mae, the leading character Maestro Kang Gun-woo is played by acclaimed Kim Myung-min of the “White Tower” and “Immortal Yi Sun-shin” fame. His sharp quips, voice, attitude and his outfits are creating a sensation in Korea’s advertising, fashion, and even album industries.

The so-called “Kang Mae Syndrome” is most evident in fashion. LG Fashion’s Maestro line has introduced the Kang Mae line, which consists of 16 different outfits worn by Kim Myung-min in the series. An LG Fashion official said that all 16 different outfits were sold out in just three weeks since its launching on September 24th. It’s very rare for men’s wear to see every outfit in a certain line sell out.

Also Kang Mae’s cynical voice has been in demand in the advertising industry. His intonation with a sarcastic twist has led to several commercial contracts for Kim. The Kang Mae Syndrome has spread even to the music industry. According to an online music chart site, two original soundtracks of “Beethoven Virus” have climbed to second and third places, following the “Mamma Mia” OST. “Beethoven Virus” has released two versions of soundtracks – one a typical drama OST and a classic version. The 2-CD classic version has sold 6,000 copies in just two weeks since its release.

Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com



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  1. Oh wow,
    I liked Beethoven Virus, but I guess Korea -really- liked it. xD I need time to catch up on the darn drama >_<
    + Yes, actually, isn’t the two OSTs the ones sang by Soshi (SNSD)? I’m sure Taeyeon’s solo at least hit the tops of the charts at some point in time..

    “Classic” version? Sounds interesting. Thanks for the news~

  2. Beethoven Virus? what an ugly name for a television series? can’t they do better than that? this series is trying hard Nodame Cantabile. Talk about ripping off…

  3. angsty much? chill out, it’s just a name & just a drama.

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