Rain – Rainism MV (Full Version) Released

October 20, 2008 at 1:57 am | Posted in Releases | 6 Comments

The much anticipated music video has been released and the man looks ridiculously gorgeous. Has the Rainism taken over you?



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  1. He looks simply irresistable. I’m glad that he settled for this hairstyle, which is way better than it was long. I like how he made use of Rain. Rain is him, he is Rain. lol, definitely made an impression on me. Towards the last part of the mv reminds of Step Up 2, but he did it fantastically well. His live performance was awesome too.

    & Yes Rainism is starting to take over me. hahaha.

  2. Iam biggest fan of rain after his comeback with rainism he so talented and sexy Iam in love with his new look

  3. I have to admit, the first time I heard the saw, I wasn’t terribly impressed – but damn, that video sold me on it. ^_^ Absolutely wonderful.

    XD There’s a compilation video of Rainism and Mirotic on Youtube that sort of makes me melt. lol.

  4. I am so confused watching this.
    It didn’t make it any less enjoyable- the art of this video was tangible, almost tasteable.
    But damn, throughout the entire thing it was just like Rain kicking some Caucasian cool. The end.
    And wrath, and lust, and gluttony- alongside poverty. Or something. The art of this piece got to me- in an abstract, wth-lols way. But still. xD
    Good luck to Rain’s comeback~ (he doesn’t need it huh? xD)

  5. I have changed the name from “Rainism” and have begun calling it “Raingasm”. This MV is smokin’ HOT! As previously said: “Rain is ridiculously gorgeous”.
    Absolutely and Totally.

  6. His magic stick needs to be cased and tamed.

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