Rain, “A sexual reference?… Absurd”

October 20, 2008 at 11:14 pm | Posted in Music | 11 Comments

It has been pointed out that lyrics in Rain’s 5th album title song “Rainism” are sexually explicit. “Rainism”‘s lyrics “My magic stick is spinning inside your trembling body / You can’t feel beyond my body shake / Make it Rainism, Rainism / Feel my body” have been noted as sexual references between a man and a woman.

MBC Public Relations Department Rating deliberated on October 21, “Rain’s ‘Rainism’ has already passed the review, but will reexamine carefully and with consideration on the 22nd. We will decide the final decision on October 22.”

Rain’s agent and director of J.Tune Entertainment said, “‘Rainism”s lyrics do not describe a sexual act at all. Rain wrote the lyrics himself, and the words expressed are a long cane stick dance (magic stick). We hope they will reexamine the good intentions first.”

Source: JES
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Good intentions or not, the lyrics are out there already and we know that Rain has had intense tutoring in English… also, why would a “magic stick” be inside someone’s body?



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  1. “also, why would a “magic stick” be inside someone’s body?”

    ^My thoughts exactly.

  2. When he wrote those lyrics how could he have missed that …

    Wat?! Why would you even say that about a cane dance ..when is a cane inside someone’s body aiish
    This is realli funny .. he needs to learn to edit

  3. I definitely agree… He’s trying to get away with what he already put out in public.

    Forget it Rain, and take it like the man you make yourself appear to be! >:O No magical cane dance routine should involve sticking a stick inside someone’s body and making them tremble.

  4. well this agood way of promotion make people it will create more buzz about the song well Idont care about lyrics Ienjoy the dance and the beats because there is another songs in his album with great lyrics like love story

  5. Huh. No comment. Rainism never really stuck to me as a song I’d like anyways (let alone look up the lyrics for)
    I don’t know what Rain was going for- magic stick and trembling body…;; I mean it might be just the fact we’re English… but I don’t know… still- it makes not much sense to me. I guess maybe you can interpret it as his magical stick (cane choreo) is stuck inside your head and making fans crazy/trembling.

    Depends how you look at it, I say. I still love the art of the PV- although not really the song.

  6. Sounds fishy to me…

  7. If you think about it. The song has different context. Why are people so one track minded? He could be talking about that feeling you get when your dancing with someone you like. Dang. It’s not like Korea doesn’t have explcit lyrics in songs. They just need to get over themselves and let it go.

  8. TEEHEE …’special dance’ … lol. this part of the song is so dirty. i mean, its so … blatantly sexual.. i think at least. omg, too funny

  9. “‘Rainism’’s lyrics do not describe a sexual act at all. Rain wrote the lyrics himself, and the words expressed are a long cane stick dance (magic stick). We hope they will reexamine the good intentions first.”

    i honestly dont get it. it sound like what they say a dance. it doesn’t at all say he’s sticking it in some ones body. this songs rated G compared to what i hear in the states. get over it and just enjoy him dance and looks hot stop complaining!you try doing what he does. 비 keep up the good work & i sant wait for your american cd! 사랑해요

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