Ahn Jae Hwan, New Allegations Emerge

October 19, 2008 at 11:44 am | Posted in Stars | 1 Comment

Mysteries are growing surrounding the death of actor Ahn Jae-hwan, who presumably killed himself after failing to pay back debts to loan sharks, as Ahn allegedly left another suicide note.

A friend of Ahn, who refused to be named, claimed in an interview with a local daily that he has kept Ahn’s written will ― a different one from that found in his car ― and a video clip related to the case. Ahn was found dead in his car in northern Seoul early September in an apparent suicide. Police have confirmed that he had billions of won in debts from private moneylenders but failed to pay them back due to business failures.

Ahn’s wife Jung Sun-hee, a comedienne, first told police that she had not been aware of his debt until Ahn went missing on Aug. 22. But she said in a recent interview with a weekly magazine that she had received a threatening call from a loan shark who allegedly kidnapped Ahn.

The friend of Ahn claimed he kept in contact with the actor after his disappearance. He said he has Ahn’s will and a related video clip.

He said that he met Ahn’s family Friday and told them what he is aware of, adding the claims of Ahn’s family are almost correct. The family said they will disclose what the friend said and handed over to them soon through their lawyer.

The family also claimed Jung was kidnapped together with Ahn but released after she gave 500 million won to a loan shark.

They claimed food and several kinds of cigarettes found in Ahn’s car show that he was not alone at the time of death, urging police to reinvestigate the case.

Ahn’s sister claimed Jung told her that Jung was also kidnapped but released on condition of paying back 500 million won to the moneylender. The loan shark demanded an additional 500 million won days later but Jung was unable to pay it, according to the sister.

Police also confirmed Jung left a voice message for Ahn after his disappearance. In the message, she said, “Why are you not answering even my call? You know I won’t lend you money because I don’t have money. We can overcome it together. Please come back.”

A police officer said, “Considering the message, Jung was aware of Ahn’s debt before he went missing. She seems to have refused Ahn’s request to lend money to him. It is also unlikely that she was kidnapped with Ahn.”

Source: Korea Times
Picture Source: Sports Khan
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com


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  1. thats really sad. but at least the family will have closure. im sure that’s all they want. its sad to have gone like that though. ill keep them in my prayers.

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