MKMF nominations, TVXQ vs Big Bang!

October 18, 2008 at 12:40 pm | Posted in Events, Music | 44 Comments
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The final nominations of 2008 MKMF have been announced.

On November 15, popular music festival “2008 Mnet KM Music Festival” will take place. On November 17 after the awards are given, nominations will be announced on cable network Mnet “Wide Entertainment News.”

There are 7 sections for singer awards, 5 sections for genre awards, 13 sections for music video and other special awards, and 3 for DaeSang awards, to make 30 in total.

This year’s awards is especially expected to close with a fierce group of guys. For the first time in MKMF, TVXQ and Big Bang will face-off.

Source: Go News
Please take out only with credit and do not add any credits.

Who will win? You can cast your votes here at MKMF. View the full list of nominees by clicking the link below!

Singer Category

Newcomer (Male)

  1. SHINee – Noona is very pretty
  2. UKiss – Not young
  3. 2PM – 10 points out of 10 points
  4. 2AM – This song
  5. Mighty Mouth – I love you

Newcomer (female)

  1. Davichi – Love you even though I hate you
  2. Moon Ji Eun – Fox Song
  3. SunAh – Chantey Chantey
  4. Lee Hyun Ji – Kiss Me Kiss Me
  5. Joo – Because of a man

Male group

  1. Dong Bang Shin Ki – MIROTIC
  2. Big Bang – Haru Haru
  3. Epik High – One
  4. FT Island – After love
  5. SG Wannabe – La La La

Female group

  1. Brown Eyed Girls – L.O.V.E
  2. So Nyeo Shi Dae – Kissing you
  3. SeeYa – Hot Girl
  4. WonderGirls – Nobody
  5. Jewelry – One more time

Male singer

  1. Kim Dong Ryul – Let’s start over again
  2. Seo Taiji – MOAI
  3. TaeYang – Look only at me
  4. Toy – Hot Goodbye
  5. MC Mong – Circus

Female singer

  1. Gummy – I’m sorry
  2. Seo In Young – Cinderella
  3. Um Jung Hwa – DISCO
  4. YounHa – Telepathy
  5. Lee Hyori – U-Go-Girl

Mixed group

  1. Turtles – Sing La La (>.<)
  2. Jaurim – Carnival Amour
  3. Cherry Filter – Orange Road
  4. Cool – Want Love
  5. Clazziquai – Robotica

Genre Category

House and Electronica

  1. Moon Hee Jun – Obsession
  2. Seo Taiji – MOAI
  3. Jaurim – Carnival Amour
  4. Transfixion – Radio
  5. Nell – 기억을 걷는 시간

Music Video Category

MV production

  1. Dynamic Duo – Solo (Han Dae Hee)
  2. Um Jung Hwa – DISCO (Seo Hyung Seung)
  3. Epik High – One (Hong Won Gi)
  4. WonderGirls – Nobody (Jang Jae Hyuk)
  5. TaeYang – Prayer (Seo Hyung Seung)

Others Category


  1. Kim Dong Wook, SG Wannabe – 운명을 거슬러 (East of Eden)
  2. Yoo Seung Chan – Love you (Mother is dead upset)
  3. TaeYeon – If (Hong Gil Dong)
  4. Tei – 꿈의 시간들 (Sik Gae)
  5. FT Island – 한가지 말 (On Air)

Auction style

  1. Dynamic Duo – Solo
  2. Dong Bang Shin Ki – MIROTIC
  3. Big Bang – Haru Haru
  4. SHINee – Noona is very pretty
  5. Seo In Young – Cinderella
  6. So Nyeo Shi Dae – Kissing You
  7. Um Jung Hwa – DISCO
  8. WonderGirls – Nobody
  9. Lee Hyori – U-Go-Girl
  10. Nell – 기억을 걷는 시간

Source: K-Bites



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  1. Well Idont care who will win Iam not fan of any of those artist so Idont care Ionly wanna know who will perfome in the award Ithink the still is not out yet

  2. i hope big bang wins…
    but for some reason i just have a feeling dbsk is gonna win…bleh…
    i’m still cheering big bang on!!

  3. Good luck to DBSK, SNSD, SHINee, Younha, and Seo Taiji!

  4. dbsk and shinee ftw ❤

  5. DBSK+Cassiopeia fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

    It’s voting time ^_____^

    and big bang or DBSK i dont know!!!
    i think DBSK 😀

  7. bigabng and wonder girls are going to win
    tvxq is not going to win
    in case ppl havent realized
    they are not doing that well….
    bigbang did a whole lot better…

  8. Big Bang Fighting!
    really they deserve to win!! This years is Their year!!! Gd wrote Haru Haru and was a Hit song!! I really hope they win but u know this is like a popularity contest, I guess talent doesnt even matter …so maybe Dbsk will win

  9. I hope Nell wins and performs

  10. omg based on that picture, did GD get more tats on his arm? hmm.. i wish i could say they both won (bigbang and tvxq) but i dont pick the winner lol ::sigh::

  11. It seems some ppl think DBSK isnt that talented..
    Well anyways DBSK 4th album was quite disappointing but has some good songs.

    Big Bangs Haru Haru bored me…it doesnt have that same cool feeling as LIES and Last farewell so it also disappointed me.

    But for talent “I” feel DBSK is more talented then Big Bang in most of the stuff.

    Such as too “ME” DBSK are better singers.
    Big Bang are WAY better rappers.

    Well can’t wait for the battle.
    Also who said DBSK isnt having a good year?
    There album is already the highest selling album so far…200k sold O.o 300k preorders O.o and you say not a good year? Ok Sure why not ;).

    Good Luck to both it’ll be Interesting.

  12. Hmmm…. I think that the reason why their preorders are so high are only because their fans really want them back as no.1 spot… but their songs honestly only reach out to the younger much younger age group..which is kinda…well it wont last long that is all i know…
    you cant be an idol star at 25 26 which is in 3 years time for them and sing such songs….
    I think they should honestly start thinking of writting their own songs to reach generations beyond just the teenage group, and as of yet…wondergirls is still better than dbsk as i went to check the chats… it wasnt as great an album..and so I kinda fell out of liking dbsk…cause its always the same….
    If they want to see who wins…then in the first place why not get like more advanced singers or producers judge the two instead…
    if korean award shows keep chossing people with large fan base…wont their quality of music fall
    which it has been as everyone in the industry themselves have been saying..

  13. I don’t know.But as i known DBSK showed them great dance,sing, and video clip.So i think DBSK will be the winner and they will get daesang.Not only in Korea,they showed it too their skill in Japan and they be the first at chart oricon for Jumun-Mirotic
    DBSK kampate, fighting, saranghae

  14. I think being both a Big Bang and DBSK fan, I cheer equally for the 2 of them. Big Bang raps really well, and DBSK pulls of acapellas and their high notes well too. Instead of focusing on bringing down one group over the other, I hope people can cheer on all the artistes will an open mind and a happy spirit.

  15. Good luck to SHINee, Epik High, wondergirls, Davichi, and especially to DBSK!~ =D

  16. tvxq hasnt been getting the attention that they wre expecting…..

  17. go DBSG all the way!!!

  18. […] seoulfull credit: Go […]

  19. Thank you for the list! 😀
    I got so excited, seeing FT Island with nominations… I mean, I know they probably have NO chance up against Big Bang and TVXQ, but it just makes me really happy. ❤ I’m not all too fussed about who wins… I think even receiving a nomination must be such an honour. 😀 I also got really excited about 2AM! “This Song” as beautiful. T T Although, I really think SHINee has attracted a lot of attention with “Noona, You’re So Beautiful.” I’m just so excited about this, overall. xD

  20. what’s “auction style”?

  21. DBSK and Big Bang…
    I’ll go with Big Bang
    even though Im a fan of DBSK….
    Geh…I’m not sure about this…
    But its like vote by us…
    So DBSK probably win
    But I think Big Bang should win the award

    Yay!! SHINee ftw for the new group award!
    Wonder Girls definitely get the female group
    the other categories are a close call so I dont know

  22. honestly DBSK will win cos big bang their songs are all the same and don’t have much variety.
    so i’m rooting for DBSK and of course new comers SHINee.
    and girls, the choice is between wonder girls and girls generation, i really cant decide.

  23. i feel bad
    a’st1 didnt even get nominated
    they really wanted it
    but then i guess
    everyone really wants it
    and whos u-kiss?

  24. I’m not sure what you guys think of this but i think their(DBSK VS Bigbang) start of line for the competition is alr diff. Taking the release of their albums for an example, ppl need time to adapt to a new album and their songs. Therefore with Bigbang’s release of their mini album 1st is alr not fair for DBSK isn’t it?

    Plus if DBSK din hav the talent, they would not hav tt large number of fans to sustain them top for almost 5 years. It’s rather ridiculous if you say they are ONLY idols and they can still win many hearts over the years.

    Adding to that, they also do compose themselves!! 😛

    Junsu: White Lies, Rainy Night, My Page
    Micky: Like Weather, Kiss the baby sky(NEW!), Kiss Shitamama Sayonara, Evergreen, My Girlfreind
    Changmin: Love in te Ice, Evergreen
    Jaejoong: Kiss Shitamama Sayonara
    Yunho: Spokesman

    So there’s absolutely no reason to say which is better. I personally also like Bigbang’s Haru Haru alot. But i guess when it comes to competition between the two, I’ll still support DBSK over Bigbang.

    Come on. They alr proved tt they can be good friends even if they are in diff bands and diff companies!! 😛 So what’s the comotion?

    121008 family outing Yunho(DBSK)+Daesung(Bigbang)!! 😛

    HWAITING for both!! I’ll still be happy whoever wins!! 😛

  25. hate to agree with cindy-rox but thats what i felt too…
    i hope big bang wins but feels like DBSK is gonna win…
    still..big bang,hwaiting!!!

  26. There’s no hip hop category this year?

  27. if Seo Taiji’s Bermuda Triangle woulda came out a bit earlier i think there would be no competition, in fact after listening to it 2 days ago i think its my favorite song of the year, all these artists are good though but W/E, i really used to not care much for Big Bang but they started to grow on me and I’ve never been too much into DBSK but a few of there songs are extremely good, imma go or Big Bang though, just because Haru Haru had me for weeks

  28. Wow guys. so much dbsk hate. I’m their fan, but I don’t bash on other artists they’re “competing” with. that’s pretty sucky of ya’ll to say. 😦

  29. Wat is with you people!
    The thing I dont like about DBSK is that all the promotions go to them but not to Big Bang!
    At least Big Bang actually have something to say behind their lyrics.
    Come on win BIG BANG!!!!!!!!!

  30. I really hope they will against all odds!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. how can dbsk win best song if they didnt even write it!!

  32. Where is Bi Rain ? O.o

  33. WAHH!!!i don’t care who wins..
    I JUst HOPE TVXQ and SHINEE win.. XD
    if they don’t its okay..
    there are lots of opportunities..

    my point of view is one sided.. please bear with it.

  34. wow it’s based on votes??

    well then no doubt TVXQ will win.

    i’m a fan of TVXQ and Big Bang.

    TVXQ i still think has more talent (Big Bang’s live sort of sucks and they don’t look passionate when dancing)

    but now that i found out this award thing is based on votes. i don’t care about it as much.

    ’cause it doesn’t show wich group is most talented but more of which group is more popular. so TVXQ will win most important awards for sure.

    man i wish it was an award based on talent. then TVXQ will win and i’ll be truly happy. lol

  35. TVXQ is way better. They’ve got the looks & talents that’s why they are still so popular even after 4-5 years of stardom and popularity, a thing that Big Bang and YG Entertainment so visibly lack. So Go TVXQ

  36. Compare their awards and see.

  37. I have a feeling DBSK will win mainly cause I think their voices are better. Im more of a big bang fan but really… I just have this feeling DBSK’s gonna win >_>

  38. LMAO..
    1st. i wanna say that i hate criticizing ppl. But for u haters who said DBSK dun hv any talents really irked me. DBSK they are versatile. They
    can sing, rap, dance and they are good in comedies. Commercials r definitely coming for them. And what really irked me is that those bigbang fans keep on saying dbsk will win becoz of their appearance. OK, then u shd accept the fact that big bangs are ugly piece of shyt. =D

  39. of course dbsk….
    who big bang?????
    anyway dbsk will 4eva n eva
    support dbsk 500%
    dbsk sarangae!!!
    xiahjunsu hwaiting!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. i’m dbsk big fan….
    hope they can win this award…they work really hard 4 this..

    big bang can win this award 10 years later…
    go dbsk!!!!!


  41. TVXQ WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. TVXQ will forever win because , for me they are the one

  43. TVXQ aku akan selalu mendukung mu….
    makasi juga buat casiopia yang terus mendukung tvxq
    bertahanla sebentarlagi mereka akan kembali buat kita


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