SE7EN wants “Your Number”

October 17, 2008 at 12:10 pm | Posted in Releases | 8 Comments

BlakMusicFirst has posted another one of SE7EN’s English songs called “Your Number,” also by Darkchild. No word from SE7EN’s official team or Myspace if it’ll be on his debut album, but give it a listen below.



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  1. lol it’s not wanting “your number.” Her number is 2 because she cheated on him. He’s leaving her and left a note/memo.

  2. ^ i know, but i couldn’t think of anything else catchy. LOL.

  3. ehh the title is confusing,haha. doesn’t he say “you’re number two” not your number two…?

  4. The beat is kind of underwhelming. I expected more from Dark Child.

  5. i can’t understand him

    i’m like, what language is this….

    godamnit, he REALLY just needs to be a bit better at english, overwise, his work in america sounds real good

  6. If you listen it more than once, it’s easier to find out what he’s saying. I like his voice in English. It’s very hard learning a new language. I’ve been taking Spanish longer than Se7en has been learning English.. and I still can’t pronounce stuff right.

    He’s a hardworker and always trying to improve himself.

  7. ^^i agree with you totally…
    his english has improved so much and i think he’ll go farther then boa because he isn’t rushing into this whole thing..he knows that its a big step for him and he should be prepared…

  8. ^– omg why do people keep saying she’s rushing in!? She’s been working on this for 3+ years!

    I agree though se7en’s a hard worker ^^

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