BoA’s “Eat You Up” Asian Version MV Released!

October 17, 2008 at 10:38 am | Posted in Music, Releases | 12 Comments

With the worldwide debut of “Eat You Up” less than a week away, the Asian version of the music video has been revealed. It heavily focuses on BoA’s dancing and is directed by Cha Eun Taek. Watch it below! In accordance, BoA’s official Korean site has been updated to fit her “Eat You Up” theme.



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  1. the dancing’s cool but the song seems like her voice has been digitalized…kinda not my genre of music…and the lyrics are repetitive…which doesn’t give us much of an idea of her english skills

  2. Wow…. Avril Lavigne, anyone? O.O

    I have to be honest, I dont like it. I’ve always liked BoA, but I just dont like this song or what she’s wearing or any of it.

    And I think she got her American and Asian styles mixed up, lol. Cause this looks soooooooo American. And the preview of the American version looks very Korean to me.

    Idk. Love ya, BoA, but this just isnt working for me. :\

  3. I don’t know about the previous comments- I mean I agree that her voice is rather digitalized and that the lyrics are repetitive… but I’m not sure of BoA’s English skills.
    I like it. It’s catchy and sexy (my kind of sexy, not like…Lee Hyori sexy which is awkward for me to watch..;;; )
    Go BoA! It’s a nice PV. I like it, random exploding things + awesome BoA moves. Hwaiting!

  4. I thought this music video was pretty kick ass. She should have made this one the American version, it’s a lot cooler. And, yeah, it is a little Avril Lavigne…lol Even though I’ve only seen the preview for the American music video, I can already tell that’s it’s not going to be as good.

    I hope she does well over here, but I’m not sure if she going to pull it off. But I’ll be cheering for her!

  5. This confused me…the song doesn’t match the mv, as in the lyrics. =S
    but her dancing is awesome and all, but I don’t think its going to be a big hit.
    Still, BoA hwaiting!

  6. ^
    who cares if the song matches with the lyrics or not? It’s literally means she will dominate, take U.S by storm , eat the american audience up. She rocks!

  7. oh dang that video was hot! XD
    the US better recognize BoA!

  8. Whats wif the sexual innuendo
    Ill eat u up …take u to my room
    geez geez
    WHoa but her dancing is awesome. Too bad the actual song isnt all that great.

  9. come on ppl, we have to cheer for BoA 😀
    She finally found a way to get known in America, and it’s obvious that to do it she’ll have to change her style a bit.. she’s got it all, and dont forget she’s Asia’s pop queen after all ^^
    BoA do your best! ^__^

    oh.. and I think the korean pv version is much better than the us’s… I really hated that grey flashy-stormy background.. hell no >_<

  10. she is awesome.
    The mv is awesome.

  11. step up 2 anyone?

  12. oh mayb i sud say, step up 3,
    her dance is damn good.

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