Won Bin’s Parents’ House Wins 2008 Korean Architecture Award

October 16, 2008 at 1:27 pm | Posted in Stars | 8 Comments

The house actor Won Bin built for his parents in Jeongseon, Gangwon Province has won the 2008 Korean Architecture Award. IDMM Architects, which was in charge of designing the house, said the house won the award on September 22.

The 406.46㎡ house, located on national highway 42, boasts an innovative structure. The first floor of the house leads directly to the third floor, without a second floor.

Apparently, Won Bin showed a photograph of Jennifer Lopez’s Beverly Hills mansion to architect Kwak Hee-soo, and also asked him to incorporate memories of his old childhood home in Gangwon Province into the design.

The kitchen is adorned with red bricks and features an old-style cooking-range that can heat the floor of the guest room.

Picture Source: Review Star
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com



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  1. omg! he’s hot!
    and his parent’s house is amazing!

  2. I can see why the house would win an award.

    Amazing design.

  3. woah. he’s such a good son! and a hot man too~ LOL

  4. am i the only one that doesn’t like the design of that house? ^_^’

    but i’d love to see the kitchen!! =]

  5. Hi,
    You’re such a great and graceful son indeed. I’m so proud that I’ve adored you. You’re worth being respected, I really appreciated.Congratulate to your parents and family for having such a generous man like you.
    Wish you have a fantastic moment.

  6. […] seoulfull credit: KBS […]

  7. oh my….
    i wish my kid will make that one for me too some day 😛

    i want one !!!
    that’s an amazing house

  8. Hi

    I’m very proud that you’re being respected to your parents. that’s the man I like. wish you have romantict moment with me ha…ha…ha..

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