JYP Entertainment Opens in China

October 16, 2008 at 1:41 pm | Posted in Music | 4 Comments
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Korea’s leading entertainment company JYP Entertainment held a launching ceremony for JYP China in Beijing on Monday, October 13. Led by producer/singer Park Jin-young, JYP China held a press conference to announce its plan to discover new stars in China.

At the press conference JYP China also presented a showcase of 24-year-old Liu Xin, JYP China’s first rising star. Liu Xin is the winner of the first audition hosted by JYP China and the Chinese corporation of Samsung Electronics. Since the audition, she underwent JYP Entertainment’s rigorous training program before making her debut with a single album.

JYP Entertainment official said that, with the establishment of JYP China in addition to JYP Korea and JYP USA, the company is ready to challenge the worldwide pop culture market. He added that the successful debut of Liu Xin has heightened Chinese youths’ interest in the JYP audition and brought a vast number of talented people to the second round of audition. Samsung Electronic official also said that Liu Xin will take active part in most of the Samsung promotions in China.

Picture Source: Herald Media
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com



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  1. oh wow..i hope the succeed in china..
    btw, the picture wont load..

  2. she’s pretty but not JYP..
    he looks awkward…

  3. I cant wait for him to get them up to speed with their music. I like what he produces so it should be interesting

  4. Thanks for the post, hope JYP will continue to recruit memebers outside of Korea to promote more amicable Asian and Global relations.

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