ATTN: To All Seoulfull Readers

October 16, 2008 at 8:18 am | Posted in Polls, Seoulfull | 15 Comments

How are we doing so far readers?
Please let us know by providing some feedback! That is the only way we know how we’re doing and what more we can do for you. To better understand what you’d like to see here at SeoulFull please either vote in the poll or leave a comment (or both!). It will be highly appreciated!

Also, if you have any articles you’d like translated please email us via or just comment on any of our posts here. And finally, if you’d like to help the SeoulFull team please contact us via email (



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  1. I chose the last option, and hope to see more of the writers’ personal opinions on the articles and news. 🙂

  2. I think that you’re doing great, but I’d like to hear more about the unpopular artists. Also more about what there music is like too. I’m always looking for something new to listen to. Also, it’d be awesome if you could include full articles in your RSS feed. Great job guys!

  3. I really like how you guys provide quality translations of news articles, with direct links to the source material. Not many other K-ent news blogs do that, which leaves people wondering where they’re getting their material from and if it’s reliable. Keep up the good work ^^

    But there’s something I’ve been wanting to ask. When you guys post up your translations, I notice that you add the line “Please take out only with credit and do not add any credits.” at the end. This is understandable since you guys are the ones translating these articles, so it’s your own work and I respect that. But I notice that you also add this line and expect credit from articles you did not translate, but are merely re-posting from sources that already write in English such as The Korea Times, KBS GLOBAL, The Korea Herald, etc. What is your rationale for this? I’m confused because you ask for others not to add any extra credits to YOUR translations, yet you guys are essentially doing this when you re-post these articles that you didn’t translate but ask others to “Credit:”. It seems a bit hypocritical to me?

    I hope you don’t take offense to my comments. I do enjoy your reading your blog but this is just one thing I’ve been wondering for some time now.

  4. ^ that is completely understandable. to be honest, it has just been a reflex to copy and paste those credits, but i see your point and argument, which is reasonable.

    we will try not to continue that, as it is unfair to those sites. ^^ thank you for your comment and concern!

  5. I really like your site, because you talk about stuff other than who’s wearing what or who looks stupid in that outfit, or who’s songs suck and who’s are awesome. You actually seem to provide quality news that I wouldnt have read about on the other Korean news sites I go to. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  6. Heya,
    First of all, Seoulfull’s awesome. No mistakes about that. But I thought hard about what to put when you said you guys were listening. The polls had good suggestions, and for a moment I couldn’t decide what to pick:
    You guys update lots~ (but obviously I wouldn’t mind more updates <3Seoulfull)
    Images are good ❤
    Polls make readers feel more part of the blog ❤
    Stuff about Korea is cool too, not just popular artists- because there are blogs that do that. It was interesting for you to have posted that post about the torn down, oldest theater of Korea.
    And you guys are doing just fine~!
    But in the end I chose “More Interview articles” because I don’t seem to see a lot of those?
    But that’s just my two cents. This blog is clean and fast- I love it. ^_^ Seoulfull hwaiting~

  7. I would love to see more interviews. Translations of those always seem to be in short supply. More polls would also be nice, something more interactive 🙂 Otherwise, this is pretty much my favorite kpop news source new. Very tasteful, no bs.

  8. I think you’re doing great, but seeing more interviews would be great.

  9. *would be good

  10. You guys are awesome!
    Sometimes though there’s some boring articles…The content, not the way you guys wrote it…
    Like way back when the blog started…
    But as it progresses, the articles are more interesting!
    Keep up the good work…
    I always come to comment since the last time you guys were sad that no one commented…even if it’s the picture i try to leave a comment…

  11. I love reading articles about my favorite music artists – DBSK ❤ – but I’m very pleased to see articles about Dramas and actors, because I find those are a little harder to come by. ^_^ I’ve learned all sorts of new things since I started frequenting Seoulfull.
    I think everything is great article/variety wise, so I chose the last option – but of course, I always love seeing images and interviews. ^_^

    Love you guys so much! Thanks for all your hard work!

  12. I like that you include about actors, movies and things like that. Not just focusing on the popular singers.

    Continue with the great work!

  13. I really love Seoulfull! You’re always so quick to update and the articles are mature an unbiased. Anytime I go to any of the other popular sites (popseoul, seoulbeats, etc.) I feel like I’m reading a gossip blog.

    Because this site isn’t catty or full of drama you guys probably wont get as many comments, but don’t let it discourage you. 🙂

  14. Don’t Just Focus On The Popular Artists

    ^ I choose this option. So it mean that I can email the link article to your email so you can translate it rite. Thank you for this coz it hard to find translated news on my fav artists.

  15. I chose “just the way you are”. You have a fantastic variety of articles, which are uncluttered by too many opinions or…rude jokes 😛 I also like how you provide news and reviews about films. : )

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