Ha Hyun Gon Comeback, Click B’s Woo Yun Suk & Evan Provide Support As ‘Guest Vocals’

October 15, 2008 at 1:35 am | Posted in Music | 2 Comments

Ha Hyun Gon, member of group, Click B which dissolved 6 years ago is planning to make his comeback into the world of popular song.

He announced the release of a single album titled, “내게와 (Come To Me)” which will release this month. The single album will feature his fellow Click B band mates, Woo Yun Suk & Evan as guest vocals.

Ha Hyun Gon did not rest even during his period of inactivity, instead he worked on composing music and writing lyrics.

Fans haven’t forgotten the Click B of long ago, and they are embracing Ha Hyun Gon’s comeback with much interest.

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  1. INDEED, including ME. Sorry for my hyper but I can’t resist it. This year is SURE a big year for my fandom. SORRY but where the hell is OJ and MinHyuk ??? They SHOULD appear this time too, yay yay yay yay way for my drummer back ^______^

    Thank you so much for this wonderful news ^-^

  2. i wish the click b is come back

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