“Rainism” teaser comes after “Love Story”

October 14, 2008 at 1:02 pm | Posted in Music | 6 Comments

Rain has released a teaser for “Rainism” after the full version of “Love Story”. Thanks to wondersmurf for the English subs!

Personally, I like “Love Story” more. This, to me, looks like something that belongs in the American mainstream. I’m not sure if that’s what he was going for.



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  1. i like Love Story better too…
    but i don’t get the plot..

  2. eh. i like this better than love story. mostly cuz i’m not a huge fan of rain, so i didnt get through the whole song. i love his dancing though.

    but the choreography isnt quite as good as i’m coming…..jyp basically created rain..it feels weird without some kind of a “this is jyp…and rain…we’re back!”

  3. Agreed. Love Story has more angst emotion here.
    Rainism is like one of those electronic, reverse-beat addictions that are hitting the market. It’s cool…but I think I like Love Story better.
    Thanks for the update~

  4. I’m not surprised that Rain would try and make his music more….”American.” He’s been in two American films. He’s trying to break into the industry like BoA. Except I don’t think BoA will be that big of a success. America isn’t ready to fully accept Asians into our hip-hop culture.

  5. I like it. Rain ballads usually don’t do it for me. This seems much more exciting. Actually, it kind of reminds me of Mirotic, because the video is kind of unexpected and dark and cool. It reminds me of Rihanna’s Disturbia too. haha.

  6. Koncettina…I disagree that Americans aren’t ready to accept Asians into the Hip-hop culture. Truth is? Asian Hip-hop is far more intellectual and verbal than American. American music industry is like American Movie industry…they seem to think most Americans are too Dumb to ‘Get it’. They dumb everything down, they don’t give us any credit, and think we all live in trailer parks and live on welfare.
    Epik High could be HUGE here, as could Rain. The ‘higher-ups” still think we want to hear about “Baby-Mommas” and “Drug-Rap”.
    People keep comparing Justin Timberlake to Rain? Rain has been ahead of that edge for some time now. I look forward to next year when Rain dips into the American music market for REAL. Lets stir it up, eh?

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