Big Bang’s remake, mini album in November

October 14, 2008 at 1:50 pm | Posted in Music | 3 Comments

Big Bang is currently in the process of recording their new mini album, and a remake of Lee Moon Sae’s “Red Sunset” will be included.

In an telephone interview with the Review Star, Big Bang’s agent said, “November’s album release has an objective of having a variety of songs. Lee Moon Sae’s ‘Red Sunset’ is one of them. But the title song for this album hasn’t been finalized yet. We will give our efforts to make this the best album to meet fans’ expectations.”

Source: Review Star
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For those of you who are curious, you can watch a performance of “Red Sunset” by Lee Moon Sae himself below.


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  1. This song is very instrumental though.
    Big Bang is more electronic.
    But they’ll make it good without ruining it!

  2. a cool perky song. i was nodding my head while listening to it. pretty catchy.. 🙂

    wonder how will the boys make it into something “BIGBANG”

    i’m pretty excited!
    another electronic dance song perhaphs.
    oh well, whatever gdragon creates is good music.


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