Shin Dong Confesses, “I Didn’t Lose 16kg”

October 13, 2008 at 2:00 pm | Posted in Stars | 5 Comments

Recently, Shin Dong wrote a topic about his weight loss on his minihompy stating, “The statement that was released has made me think very hard.”

“The statement saying that I have lost 16kg within one month is not true,” stated Shin Dong. “The diet has gone over 3 months. When the statement was made, about 10kg was lost. The statement was made probably around the second month” and he also revealed that he appeared, “slender because of the angles of the selca pictures.”

Shin Dong revealed truthfully that he started his diet weighing in at 103kg, but he still has a while to go therefore he won’t reveal his current weight.

Source: Review Star
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  1. seriously good for him for sticking up for himself!! you go shindonghee!!! i feel just like him when it comes to telling people how much i weigh ::blush:: we’re in the same boat! but at least he has the balls to say its cuz of the angles, lol the angles. i love angles lol.


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  3. I applaud him for making the truth known. The photos are very nice and he ought not to feel bad about them. They were not lies but a snap shot of his success and promise of a good future!

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