KPop Artists to Hold Benefit Concert for Korean-Japanese

October 13, 2008 at 8:02 am | Posted in Events, Music | 1 Comment
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K-pop stars will hold a concert to raise funds for an annual benefit festival held for ethnic Koreans in Japan. The annual Autumn festival, held in Osaka to promote cultural exchange with Japan and to help ethnic Koreans in Japan, is attended by some 30,000 audience members every year. The 24th annual “One Korea Festival” will be held at the Sun Plaza located within Osaka Park on October 26.

“Super Live 08,” a benefit concert that will be held to support the annual festival, will feature a number of popular K-pop artists including Jun Jin, Park Hyun-bin, Jun Young-rok and Yang Ji-won. Five-member Japanese accapella group “Permanent Fish”, the sibling trio “Cenal” and Park Sung-min from the history drama series “Taewangsashingi” will also make appearances on stage.

Jun Young-rok and Yang Ji-won will also take part in the actual festival that will kick off on October 26. Joining them will be Song Bong-joo from “Scene from A Bicycle,” “Park Bo Band”–made up of Korean-Japanese singers–and the percussion group “Santa.”

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  1. Ohh sounds like fun!
    I’m glad Japan and Korea are getting along after the Dokdo islands thing….

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