Watch Rain’s full “Love Story”

October 12, 2008 at 9:56 pm | Posted in Music, Releases | 7 Comments
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After two teasers, the whole thing is finally out. What do you think? Is it what you expected?



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  1. aww, its so sad!

    i love rain, and i love the song too.

    i probably don’t understand the storyline very well right now, it would be really awesome if anyone could sub it.

    but thank you for the upload! 🙂

  2. goshhh…
    rain haircut its very good!!!
    me too,dont understand bout d mv..
    sumone could explain it!

  3. good like it

    hope there’ll be part 2 after this

  4. you know what, i really like this song. i was really aprehensive at first cuz of his 4th album. but this.. yea, ill give it a chance lol. i really like the song like mad. its so sad.. but i have to watch the video A LOT more to actually get it. so does he get beat up in the present or is that the past? why was he at a terminal, and not bleeding? or was he? see what i mea, just confused. but i like it ^^b


  5. […] Music | Tags: Rain Rain has released a teaser for “Rainism” after the full version of “Love Story”. Thanks to wondersmurf for the English […]

  6. You understand that this MV is not complete?!! This is only the 1st half. ONLY 1ST HALF!!!! The entire MV will be shown in November. This might be why some don’t understand what they are seeing. It is posted as being the “Full MV” but not so!
    Please keep watch to see the rest in November, eh? There is a text message at the end of this above version to confirm this.

    aja fighting Rain!

  7. Rain is very handsome &kind his style is the greatest

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