SS501 Young Saeng, Kyu Jong & Hyung Jun Form ‘Triple S’

October 9, 2008 at 1:58 am | Posted in Music | 42 Comments

A project album from SS501 members, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Jun will be released soon.

The members have formed the “Triple S” team and will begin album activities under the new name. Their name, “Triple S” came from SS501’s fan club in which the ‘Triple’ in “Triple S” symbolizes the 3 members and S from their group name, SS501.

“Triple S” plans to release their first project album containing 7 tracks in early November. Each member will work directly writing their own lyrics and the album will feature each member’s solo.

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  1. I’m interested in how the trio will sound, but isn’t it kinda weird that their group name is their fanclub’s name? =S

  2. HELL YEAH! totally looking forward to this!

  3. EXCITED!!!
    I know Hyun Joong is busy with Hana Yori Dango but what’s up with Jung Min?

  4. I know it’s a good decision that they dropped Hyunjoong, since he’s all glamor and no musical substance.

    I know the guy on the very left (the one with squinty eyes) is really good at singing; the guy in the middle sucked singing live, but maybe he does better in the studio, I don’t know. And hopefully, the guy on the right is good.

    I think they’re feeling a lot of pressure because bands like TVXQ! is starting to prove that even idol groups have amazing talent and skill, and ss501’s always been the “image group” and no real substance, so hopefully, this turn will take them to be better and on the competition level with their “so called rivals”, TVXQ!.

  5. Hah……….!!!!!!!!!!!>0<

  6. They didn’t drop HJ or Jungmin ~ they’re just busy with other things (Hana Yori Dango and the Grease musical respectively).

    My two fave members ~ Kyujong and Hyungjoon + the best vocal, Youngsaeng! I’m so excited for them!

    But I agree that it’s a little weird that their group name (even if it fits) is the name of their fanclub. ^^;

  7. wow! I love all of them very much.

    I’ll always cheer SS501 & Triple S.^^

    SS501 _ Triple S Fighting x 501 !!!!!!

  8. I totally love Hyung Jun.. (the right guy..) He’s kind of like a baby.. A CUTE BABY.. Sometimes very emo.. Sometimes very happy go lucky!! TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH HIM!! IN my room there’s lots of pix of HIM!!!!

  9. Oh yeah.. MY FRIEND IS ALSO CRAZY ABOUT YOUNG SAENG.. He’s cute.. but Jun is BETTER.. A cute baby!!



  12. hyung jun i love you….uamch….

  13. nin hao ma to ss501 boys especially to kim hyung jun ahek i love you so much muaahhh

  14. i love you so much kim hyung jun muaaahh

  15. kim kyu jung i live in myanmar i love you

  16. i love you very very very very much more dan anithing kim hyun joong …. i one of ur no.1 fan…. saranghaeyo!!!

  17. I like Kim Hung Jun and SS501. 🙂

  18. kyu jong is so handsome…he’s one of a kind..

  19. good luck for ss501 and all member….we jesus love u all k:)

  20. well done!!!im mad about ss501…5 kings of cutes googd luck.

  21. by the way!its a idea from an afghan girl,ss501 is horn of singers!

  22. i love kim hyun joong..<3

  23. ss501 IS THE BEST..:)

  24. gogogo…………..ss501 i love you all guys…………see you soon…………………… country philippines

  25. i love u “ss501” go 2 are country philippines

  26. هیونگ عزیزم خیلی خیلی دوست دارم.I LAVE U HUNG.I AM IRARIAN


  28. olas HEO YOUNG SAENG eres el mejor del grupo cantas muyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lindo y ademas eres lindo bye espero k vengan al peru besossssss ^^^^^^!!!!!!!! =)

  29. je suis kahba de buinane et je cherche des mecs pour nokhobe avc aux

  30. kim hyun joong kamu sungguh muuaaaaannnniiiiiiissssss banget,,,
    andaikan kamu ada di sini kamu pasti tak bawa pulang….hehehehheheheheh


    add heree is a new group that i created cuz i love my ss501!!!♥

  32. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah young saeng is coool

  33. hello their are super cute and you are cute love you

  34. Ilove youns saeng & hyung jun

  35. q lindo0sss ñlos amo a mis oppas los quiero son perfectos son unos de mis 5 amores los otros dos son kim hyun joong y park jung min l0os maoo y cantan hermosisimo me encantan sus voces cuanod los escuche x primera vez me enamore de todos y de sus voces son los mejorrres

  36. hai SS501 hw r u guys…………………always they r rocking………fighting.
    happy birthday to our baby

  37. SS501 Jjang!!

  38. iloooooooooooooove you i miss you I wish you success in your work and I hope that you respond to.

  39. hyung jun i love you

  40. kyu jong BETTER than anyone else!hahaaa

  41. i love heo young saeng

  42. te adoro hyung jun y te amo ♥♥

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